Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.2 Development Builds

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  1. Updated BuildTools and its now building 7cc7719ffdb

    [03:50:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Checking version, please wait...
    [03:50:03] [Thread-21/INFO]: You are running the latest version
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  2. I'm confused where you say, "Your link is for 2019." Is this not 2019? What I *think* I missed was the reference to 1.13.2. I'm running 1.14.2, and it looks like I'm only one version behind at this time with CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-df0eb25-649921e (MC: 1.14.2) (Implementing API version 1.14.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT). I know I'm not real smart, but I know what love is. I'll let it ride with what I have, since it appears I have things right on my end and it was my misunderstanding of how the versioning works.
  3. Anyone else getting this mc1.14.2
    - spawned salmon floating in bodies of water - even when I use bucket of salmon to spawn them they - spawn / die / float.
    If not I need to find the faulty plugin ...................thanks for your reply Anyone

    OK updated with recent BuildTools ...has fixed the sleeping (dead) fish problem.
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  4. I wish I could donate but I'm poor
  5. Another pre out, we have the same performance issues, chunk problems, and the corruption bug is still there. No diff from pre1 or pre2.
    I guess we will do some further testing and narrow things down even more to try and help with those handful of bug tickets.
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  6. What is the best way to know if I should build another spigot version with build tools? Is there a listing of the latest builds somewhere?
  7. /version in-game will tell you how many builds behind you are

    Edit: You can also paste your /version output here to double-check: https://hub.spigotmc.org/version/
  8. https://hub.spigotmc.org/versions/
    You can compare the number shown in your BuildTools log file to that list.
  9. And I update mine 1) When I see in the log I have to wait 20 seconds, must be a somewhat important update, or 2) I'm into double-digits behind on updating, or 3) I find some bug that's been fixed if only I'd update.
  10. I have mine just update every day on cron. Probably could be more frequent than that even.
  11. shows me for staying current. sortof
    Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 07.28.37.png
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  12. MiniDigger


    Actually, that 20 second delay just comes every 3 days currently ^^
  13. Yeah, but I have to *notice* it in the log. ;-) More than that requires effort that I'm not willing to provide on top of watching for plugin updates (also triggering an update of the server, because I have to *do* something) and watching the boards here for anything "interesting."

    All told, I'm far more interested in Vanilla bug fixes and updates making their way through to the Spigot release than any bugs in Spigot. I can't recall any Spigot bugs that have affected me, but Vanilla bugs seem to be a way of life that updating Spigot simply can't help.
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  14. MiniDigger


    Actually, spigot sometimes does fix vanilla bugs ;)
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  15. Aye, there ya've got me. But there's only so much lipstick @md_5 can put on the pig but what Mojang should REALLY fix the embarrassment that was the 1.14 release-and-then-development cycle.
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  16. Running 1.14.2 on a production server. Typically runs around 15-18 tps, but often falls lower than that. It seems chunk saving has improved drastically over the last week, that we took off the impending warning of lag from our save script. But you get more than 25 people on the server, it really is lagtastic. This is on a dedicated server with NVMe drive and more horsepower and ram than we ever need.

    On a positive note, with all the other servers holding back and players wanting to play 1.14.2, we have had a fresh new stream of players, and lag isn't holding them back.

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