Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.3 Development Builds

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  1. I'm really confused. I thought the whole POINT of GIT was, "I don't have to re-download/ rebuild ALL the things, just what's changed." It takes more time for me to 1) start a world backup and 2) download said backup than it does for me to rebuild Spigot. It takes longer to UPLOAD the new Spigot than I took to rebuild it. Or am I missing something?
  2. computer old, upload speed bad
  3. For me spigot 1.14.1 working worse then spigot 1.14 :D :/
  4. Analyzing the heap suggests it keeps inactive PlayerChunks loaded in memory in a 45x45 chunk area around spawn (even with world.setKeepSpawnInMemory(false), which does deactivate the 21x21 spawn chunks). That's 2025 chunks per world without players. And these chunks do appear to process hoppers as profiling picks it up even without players. So ya, 1.14.1 is really hard on multi-world servers especially.
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  5. After the skipping of the 20k tests it's really fast.
  6. For my own reasons, I do not like to play on a Spigot server. If you guys stop building the CraftBukkit jar, then I wonder if there will be another source to get these jars from?
  7. When you properly read the text you quoted, you understand that you can get the Craftbukkit jar.
    I recommend looking in the folder Craftbukkit/target
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    It would greatly help to know these reasons.....
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  9. "For the time being", which hints that for future versions they might no longer supply the CraftBukkit jar.

    I have reported these issues before and even created several bug reports for some of them. However, I was told that all these problems came due to configuration on my part.

    Things like entities not being processed when a player is x amount of blocks away (entity-activation-range, if I remember correctly). For basic gameplay, nobody cares if mobs further than 20 blocks get slowed down to preserve CPU usage. However a simple slime farm was already broken because of this, as the slimes would only walk of the platforms if a player was nearby. So I upped this number so its equal to the view-distance, but then the server went down to 12 tps...

    Another annoying thing were redstone timings. Redstone circuits which work perfectly in vanilla, gave random results with Spigot. Also this was due to bad configuration, I was told.
    I believe it was something with hoppers and redstone ticks both being handled in a different way. So hoppers could be slowed down to preserve the TPS, however the redstone would still tick at the same rate, causing for again random outputs if you were to use hoppers in a redstone circuit.

    Oyeah and the whole iron farm drama which has been mentioned before in this thread...

    As I said, these things might have been fixed by now, but every time I tried to change the configuration to mimic vanilla conditions, the tps went down by a lot. After switching to CraftBukkit, everything ran perfectly fine at 20 tps and I have not swapped back to Spigot since.

    I am not saying Spigot is an awful platform. It is great in increasing the performance for Minecraft servers and 90% of the players would not run into these issues that I am having. It is just very annoying that contraptions which work in vanilla do not work on Spigot. So hence why I am totally fine with using CraftBukkit :)
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    This is easily configured away
    I'm not quite aware of what the issue is here, as best as I am aware at the moment there should not be any general changes to redstone behaviour. I would appreciate an updated bug report and test case if this is still an issue.
    The general behaviour should be the same by default. On a heavily loaded server you may need to tweak some config options.
    No idea what this is about. There was one bug report about villagers that was fixed years ago, again I would appreciate an updated report if there is still some issue.
    Skeptical of this claim, would appreciate a bug report if you can prove it.

    The only way it can improve is if people clearly articulate the issues so they can be fixed.
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  11. @md_5
    As I said, I made bug reports for these things before, however it was all due to configuration.

    Also small side note on the iron farm issues. Of course with 1.14 this has all changed, but in 1.13 and prior versions, villager AI was slowed down massively if you were using Spigot. Iron farms which relied on villagers detecting doors were broken due to this. Upping the entity-activation-range helped, however the AI was not running as quickly as it should, so villagers were not able to detect doors in time.
    So the fix... was having the villagers inside a water block or inside of a boat/minecart. This caused them to be fully processed and they could detect the doors normally.

    Anyway, from your response you sound quite confident that Spigot no longer changes the game mechanics if you set up your configuration correctly?
  12. I ran forceUpgrade when going from 1.13.2 to 1.14, my 17x17km world took about an hour to process, including nether and end. Yesterday I switched to 1.14.1, but skipped forceUpgrade, as I didn't think it was necessary. I was skeptical about upgrading so soon, after seeing the current status of the major vanilla issues, but 1.14 was just awful, so I just clenched my teeth and went with it. Results - tps drops are a lot less dramatic now, and they recover easier. They still do occur, same as CPU usage spikes, but they are not such a great tragedy every single time, the server kind of handles them better. Overall, I don't regret switching to .1 so soon, I'm just wondering whether the step up from 1.14 requires forceUpgrade again, after I've already done it on the way from 1.13.2.
  13. Probably, fun part is getting it EXACTLY like vanilla, either you'll be too high or too low..
  14. Does this work even if I run BuildTools for different versions, like 1.13 and 1.12?
  15. In contrast to 1.14, usn's server has improved noticeably. No lags or tps losses. although the dynmap works on high performance and 54 plugins are active.

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  16. You can't spare three minutes of your time (maybe) daily? Grab a glass of water and use the toilet. C'mon man.
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  17. SlimeDog


    That was my point, exactly, if inelegantly stated. I was responding to the person who apparently couldn't take the time. I build every time there is a new update. It takes ONLY 3 minutes = bio-break.
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  18. Why the bed exit won't work? it's going to remove the scoreboard but not going back to spawn
  19. Often times I have issues with my local git repo after updates and it's out of sync or introduces new changes in my local branch and I have to delete the repo, re-clone, and build from scratch.

    Now I just have a bash script that runs on cron to do this for me 4x a day. It's true GIT should be able to only pull changes and build fresh from there but sometimes computers aren't perfect (gasp!!!) and you have to turn it off, turn it on again and start over. :shrug:
  20. We live in the age of always connected, always on. Who doesn't have 1mbit these days as a developer for online services that they offer ..

    If getting buildtools once a day is too much for people, then dont' bother? .. just wait until it's all stable and you only have to download it once at some point in the future.


    These are honestly just dumb issues being discussed at this point. Drama over nothing.

    The amount of javascript people download through websites like facebook, spigot, instagram, and cached images they download and i dunno what .. is so much trash compared to getting a new buildtools build.

    And the time it takes, i've posted a query in the donators forum once requesting ppl to do the time start in front of their java query for buildtools and the results were very much so around the same time spam. with 1.14 the times are even better.

    Buildtools is what, 4 mb to download ?

    building spigot on your vps remotely saves you 25+ mb space ..

    People with bad internet can also use their ssh connection and use their vps to start the build if they dont want to use their data. heck, i've done it while sitting in the passenger seat in a car, over my phone, it really is no effort.

    Maybe i just wanted to join the complain party and vent myself in a way that nobody cares about.

    See you guys on the next post.

    Meanwhile, i've reported a few things to mojang's jira that hopefully helps improve some performance issues on various operating systems in 1.14.2, ugh - some stuff really keeps chunks reloading over and over again
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