Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.3 Development Builds

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  1. It's a tiny server among friends who know the risks, and our plugins are very few. We are using the latest Spigot simply because it is better than the Vanilla server, plus we can use the very few plugins we want, primarily EssentialsX and mcMMO. The 'wounds' may be "self-inflicted", but it isn't MD_5's fault Mojang is shoveling out as "release" steaming piles of poop.
  2. Pretty much this.. I'll agree they definitely rushed 1.14 for java edition and we don't know why but they had a reason.

    All they can do at this point is quickly fix important bugs that impact the larger part of the community and I think they current method they are doing(somewhat smaller updates every couple weeks to fix 'big' issues asap) is likely the best option.
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  3. He built himself a time machine with Redstone ^^
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  4. SlimeDog


    On the current trajectory, 1.14.6 isn't out of the question.
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  5. I'd be happy with that. What's concerning is if they continued their previous pattern of going straight to 1.14 after 1.13.2.
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  6. SlimeDog


    Of course. Were it labeled 1.14 Pre-Release 14, it would be easier to accept.
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  7. Sure, if we could roll back time.
  8. ...if I could find a way
    I'd take back those words that've hurt you and you'd stay
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  9. I think it really boils down to this forum to commiserate with on the problems with this particular "Snapshot Release" season. The small group of us on my server love Minecraft, but the Vanilla *release* issues are a cause of disappointment to us. "Release" implies "ready for general use." 1.14.0 and .1 are clearly not ready. There's no fault on MD_5 for making the best of a silk purse server out of the sow's ear vanilla. But the joy of playing with the "new toys" in 1.14 is very definitely tempered by having creepers spawning in a well-lit "secure" area, or the many other things listed as "critically broken" in the latest string of "releases."
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  10. Shaggy67


    Only a small minority of people run snapshots and pre-releases. It's just naming convention, but calling something .0 instead of pre6 gets a LOT more eyeballs on it (aka testers). Given that the community are the testers, this makes a big difference.

    Don't worry about what the version name is. pre5, pre6, .0, .1 ... doesn't matter. None of these are ready for production servers yet.
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  11. The title of the thread "dev builds..." could be a clue, but people refuse to read. So it's no surprise they run unstable and complain about it.
    Tough luck for them.. they're also the type of people that wont file a bug report either. so shrug.
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  12. SlimeDog


    Agreed. The (only) point was that it would be nice if Mojang recognized the quality of their product with a rational naming convention. As for the name of this thread: We all (well, those of us who read) know that this is pre-release software, and md_5 makes it plain as day. But Mojang calls it production. And the fact that the members of this community (and Realms) are Mojang's test department is a dismal point.
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  13. In Vanilla 1.14.1 is rolling out in *production*. If you use the defaults with the launcher, it's production. If you are playing a Realms server, 1.14.1 is production. Spigot, yes, is in "development" stage. But I trust Spigot's 1.14.1 "development" server far more than I do Vanilla 1.14.1 "production" server. I'd rather Mojang not roll out into production software that simply isn't ready.
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  14. So far playing around with the latest dev build of spigot 1.14.1 has me pretty impressed. Maps seem to generate pretty clean without spitting crazy errors and most plug-ins work with only minor errors of which dev's are already chasing down.

    To those who are already running 1.14.1 in their main servers with a active playerbase. May random map corruption spare your soul.
  15. Using the latest 1.14.1 --revision and i havent hit any major errors, just 30% more memory used compared to older versions of 1.13.2 and older. Im confused when i see people complain about things crashing / erros showing up. Havent fouind any errors to this date, all thou i had to remove WE/WG from our server due to some incompability issues with 1.14.1

    Used to use 1.14.1 of Spigot, but trying out Paper.. Didnt change much of memory usage so will probably go back to spigot tomorrow at friday.

  16. Then all problems and bugs are just fantasies and legends? So the users write the messages at Mojang out of boredom?


    You're such a funny fellow. What do you smoke ? ^^

    So Mojang brings out all the pre versions because they are boring. You're really funny. ^^
    If you're confused, there are probably specialists who can fix it ^^
    This is called the MultiGamerclub.Pre3 version.
  17. Not sure why you start of as an ass, but thats a hard-block already :D

    Havent experienced any bugs in the 1.14.1 revision, all thou i intend to keep it updated to prevent it from happening. Maybe im just lucky bugs have happened to my server yet, and thats a big yet.
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  18. Then you're a lucky child, on my server disappear manyArmorstand and pictures frame. We play stable on 19-20 TPS but it took a lot of work to keep it stable. But I think we have the same opinion that the 1.14.1 is bullshit. I hope the 1.14.2 will bring some relaxation.
  19. I am a host provider and I use multicraft, I have a problem with my clients, when they use version 1.14.1 or 1.14 it generates a lot of consumption of CPu having the server by default, any solution ?¿
  20. Dont offer dev builds?
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