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  1. So I have been trying to figure out the cause of this. I haven't really found it yet and I have been experimenting with villagers in a test server. I want to gain enough information to make a proper bug report, and I am assuming it is a vanilla bug based on the crash report.
    So if anybody has any information regarding this and this bug hasn't been reported yet, either on vanilla Jira or Spigot, then here is the crash report we had to add to said report.

    I apologize if this has already been reported to the proper sites. I haven't been able to find anything from the terms I use. I just don't have enough information to make a worthwhile bug report.
    Of course, this couldn't be a bug with minecraft or spigot at all and it could've just been our plugins, I'm not entirely sure. Hopefully this file is useful to somebody.

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  2. That's CMI's /lag command
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  3. Except there is no definitive guide of exactly what to change on Spigot to have it run the same as CraftBukkit.
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  4. Is there a way to automate running BuildTools? As I understand new builds happen very frequently I'm thinking of automating the whole process: running BuildTools, stopping the server, copying over the new JAR, then restarting the server. The only step I don't know how to attack is executing BuildTools via Git.
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  5. Someone should make one ;)
  6. You can use a shell script to run on a scheduler like crontab to check hourly if you want. And report back to the running console that there's a new version so you can start using that.. or go even further and start a 60 second restart announcement and replace the jar after stop
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  7. Any reason Bukkit.yml has no chunk-gc?
  8. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Because vanilla will remove chunks that aren't in use now
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  9. Oh ok i knew they made some changes to chunks and world generation

    Not sure why my sever is using double the memory than previous mc version
  10. Except for a 45x45 chunk area around spawn. Those don't seem to ever be removed from memory for some reason, used or not. That's 2025 chunks per world (including nether/end), so that adds up if you have a lot of worlds. I think that's the primary reason why your memory use is doubled. (it's a lot more than doubled in my case, more like quadrupled after some work)
  11. Im sorry but since when did a 45 x 45 chuck radius stay loaded around spawn?
  12. Well, to be clear, the radius is 22 chunks, the diameter is 45 chunks. But it's definitely 2025 total chunks, and they appear to be processing hoppers. My total active chunk count via getLoadedChunks() is zero, but I'm still getting hopper processing in my profiling.

    I saw someone else complaining about this on reddit back when 1.14 came out. I only recently verified it on my own test server. Since I didn't see anyone else mention this here, I thought I would.
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  13. Could be hopper minecarts?
  14. No, I'm not seeing any entities ticking, just tile entities.
  15. I work atm on my 1.14 Update for the Server who i own, i work on the features and the plugins from my server the server map is upgradet from 1.13 to 1.14 on the 1.13 version everything works fine.
    The 1.14 is perfect to play on it, it's ready for playing on it with the next experienc of TPS.
    I can say the 1.14.1 Server run on 8 - 14 TPS it is realy nice, i know this is no problem of the spigot server software but this is incredible how bad the server runs under this specs:
    1. Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-Core
    2. 64 GB DDR4 RAM
    3. 2 x 500 GB NVME SSD
    This is a screenshot before i update the server (1.13) it runs 4 server at the same time:


    This is a screenshot after the update to 1.14.1 it runs a spigot server and a bungeecord server:


    And here are my timings of the server with the best 1.14 result: https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=ezayifetom
    Now i can open my Server for the public o_O #sarcasm :cry:
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  16. Fancy! Hype.......!
  17. Items of picture frames disappear. Is this still the same BUG that they supposedly fixed? So to be honest this is really big junk.... so you can't hang up frames anymore until the incompetent programmers finally learn how to fix bugs?
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  18. 4 ? ...

    *stares at screenshot*
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