Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.4 Development Builds

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    For what it's worth, you can determine the latest build for any Spigot version at versions.
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  2. I'll have to ask my boss if she'll let me update. She makes me sleep on the patio if "something bad" happens to the server.
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  3. 1.14.3-pre4 bungeecord on an i7 with 3 seperate server screens runs like butter.
    Theyre fixing it. But it does take more performance now. My i5 couldnt keep up so i upgraded.
  4. Runs like butter? xD
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  5. Sounds like a cold day compared to a margerine (spread) day :LOL:
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  6. Yes sir. I have even seen 20tps constant with players on and 21 plugins.
    Whatever mojang is doing. Keep up the good work!
    By the way piston lag situated to about 1 chunk only now. It doesnt effect the entire server.
  7. Piv


    If it runs like butter, you have 20 TPS CONSTANT! not seen, I have "seen" 20TPS constant with 44 plugins and 12 players on a 2011 QUADCORE XEON.
  8. The built in tps reader isnt accurate. I hope your using something else. If so bravo.
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    How so?
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    Your missing the point, most of us are seeing 20TPS on our hardware, it's when you get over 10- 15 players the problems really start, looking at your server stats, you are no way near that number.

    And yes i'm using Aikars
  11. Minecraft 1.14.3 is out.
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  12. Source?
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  13. Piv


    open your minecraft ;) it's out
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  14. At work xD I looked for the update page but couldn’t find it on google
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  15. Piv


    Lets hope it will bring some tweaks, all though the 1.14.3-pre4 was a bit of a disappointment


    IT'S REAL :D
  16. what is that launcher?
  17. The new beta launcher, you can enable it in Settings if you like.
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