Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.4 Development Builds

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  1. Updated my test server to Spigot 1.14.3 and did a few spot checks. Looks good so far. :)
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  2. commands don't seem to be working in 1.14.3 from my testing, time to make a bug report
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  4. Or, do you mean that a certain plugin is not responding to it's commands?
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  5. Essentials? It's essentials, isn't it
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    How about you read what I wrote again, and this time real slow.
  7. Why do you keep posting messages then deleting them?
    If you have something to say, say it and don't delete it, or don't post it at all!
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    Because I got coffee in the meantime and therefore less frustrated about him not reading half of what people have said
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    yeah, but still for separation, especially for something like bstats, which suffers hugely from inconsistency around the Server#getName methods, spigot should still report the proper server implementation, just like all other forks of craftbukkit/bukkit implementations do:
    just a few examples
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  10. If anyone is already using the 1.14.3, I would like to know how it's going compared to .2 and .1 extreme lag...
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  11. Usually @mrfloris has good feedback on performance. Enjoy seeing his reports.
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  12. EssentialsX was broken in the 1.14.3 last night fixed this morning. For new folks it's hard to remember what commands are "Vanilla/ Spigot" and what's "EssentialsX." But the "hot & fresh this morning" update to EssentialsX should fix commands through that specific plugin.
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  13. Is there a way to identify why my server is crashing every 10-30 minutes?
    I understand 1.14.3 is not the most stable and performance has dropped since 1.12.2, but I get the feeling this isn't normal.

    No crash reports. No out of memory errors. Nothing in any of my logs.
  14. md_5

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    Probably the out of memory killer in your system if there really are no logs. Check your system logs.
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  15. THANK YOU! You're absolutely correct.
    I looked into the problem more after seeing that every crash corresponded with the system log.

    After digging deeper, it seems as though my swap size was only 512MB (with 7.5GB of RAM allocated to Spigot out of 8GB system memory on my VM) -- I have increased this value accordingly and will see if this helps with the issue.

    Once more, thank you very much for your time and excellent response.

    Got this just now.

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  16. Raids are crashing my server with no memory outage.
    Only way to fix was to delete raids.dat
    Otherwise it crashed literally every 5 minutes.
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  17. So far 1.14.3 seems pretty good and stable. The only two hiccups I've seen is a crash from stronghold generation and a crash from players leaving a active raid. So turning off structures in worlds fixes both those for now. Screams Mojang related bugs. I haven't formally reported either yet since I dont have a vanilla test server or the time to do such.

    Does spigot patch some critical vanilla server crash related bugs or is that left for mojang to fix?

    Also thank you for speedy updates.
  18. MiniDigger


    when they are properly reported spigot can fix them and even refer the fixes to mojang.
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