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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. Already did but the mobs are spawning in insane amounts :D

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  2. If your mob-spawn-range is less than 8, then yes, you will have more mobs spawning than on 1.13.2 with the same value. [edit: this applies to view distance too] This is because the cap is not currently being calculated based on mob-spawn-range, unlike previous versions. However "insane amounts" doesn't sound normal. Are you talking about a specific mob type like slimes or pillagers?
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  3. The problem is also with pillagers and also with normal mobs - https://ctrlv.cz/qc91 But i will take a look at mob-spawn-range - didnt know that they changed this too.
    Thank you! This could be very useful. This plugin disables pillagers at all, or is it possible to spawn them from spawn egg?
  4. Ya, that looks like it's just a low view distance, which has the same effect. You can adjust the spawn limits in bukkit.yml for lower view-distances/spawn-ranges.
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  5. So just about finished updating all 29 minigame worlds and its all good. The only issues I ran into was some of the Bungee plugins for chat have not kept their config dispite not changing them?!?!

    Many thanks to md_5, the team behind Spigot, and all of the plugin devs who are keeping up to date.....

    Long may it contiune
  6. No news of the latest version stable ? :) for 1.14
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  7. Thanks for update <3
  8. guys, sorry for posting it here - is there any advice on two topic:
    1. constant crash with Exception ticking world (quite popular issue afaik)
    2. is there a way to add a command when server is stopping due to an issue above? (i'd like to add kickall command since it helps with the server hanging in the middle of stop process)
  9. SlimeDog


    You could implement a (shell loop) monitor on the log, and kick when you see the indicated error message. It might be fast enough, but my experience with crashes is probably not. :(
  10. no news of md_5 ?
  11. Far as I know md_5 is neither paid for this nor is under any mandate to report in here daily. We've been waiting for 1.14.4 stable as default for quite a while now, it won't kill any of us to keep waiting and stop pestering the guy who makes it happen. It will release when it releases.
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  12. MiniDigger


    It's not like you couldn't just build the lastest version of 1.14.4 right now. Making it default will not change the quality of the build in any way.
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  13. I couldn't suggest this on the BuildTools tutorial page, but I thought this might be a useful addition for new Windows users. Like a bat script, you can create a bash script (like script.sh) and put in the line:
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.14.4
    As long as Git Bash is installed with the proper file associations, it will run just fine. Pardon my laziness, but I was irritated with being unable to copy/paste the code directly into the Git Bash console.
  14. Thanks for the update md_5.
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  15. Just a note that the Essentials plugin (also maintained on the Jenkins Spigot site) does not appear to be compatible with 1.14.2 (and was last built over a year ago).
  16. MiniDigger


    use EssentialsX, its the maintained version of Essentials. spigot-essentials (what you saw on jenkins), was only a temporary thing iirc.
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