Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.14.4 Development Builds

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. MiniDigger


    had any snapshot builds a spigot build?
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  2. SlimeDog


    While history is a guide (and in this case, likely predictive), "not previously" does not imply "not in future".
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  3. Celebrimbor


    Hosting a modified jar that will swing drastically on the feature and code side of things, every week, for 4+ months straight is an unreasonable expectation to have of Spigot. An early testing version when the actual 1.15-pre-releases start coming out would be nice (for plugin developers), but Snapshot builds...too much effort for nothing.
  4. SlimeDog


    History suggests that prereleases will be hosted on the SpigotMC test server, but there is no guarantee. Unless you have inside information, everything else is idle chatter. To paraphrase an EF Hutton commercial from long ago: When md_5 talks (whether in words or actions), people listen.
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  5. No, the cat behavior is actually spot-on - ignoring you and lazing around on the bed, they got that exactly right :)
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  6. Yeah when messing with TPWolf, I got pets to tp somewhat regularly but it was limited by this bug. It's slightly annoying xD
  7. good job I am excited for the next part!
  8. Because of inactive chunks...i think...
  9. Nope. Vanilla bug as linked above, fixed in current pre-1.15 versions (according to Mojang).

    Bug was cats/dogs simply not tracking you. If you got more than 20 blocks or so from them, they'd occasionally just stop following. Worst issue was water - if they were in water or had to cross it, unless you stop and wait, they never catch up.
  10. ah, i see...
  11. Well somewhere I didn't read that by updating the spigot server it would completely overwrite and erase your entire server!!!!! Lost everything, all maps, all plugins, everything. When the server jar updates, you should not overwrite the maps and all that data, that's just sadness.

    What the heck peeps? Why not just update the dang jar file, its ridiculous to overwrite everything. That was months of hard work and paid plugins just to be scratched to nothingness by updating.
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  12. It usually doesn't reset anything. In upgrading my test servers and a server for a friend nothing was deleted...

    You really should backup everything before running a new version anyway.
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  13. Spigot itself does not delete anything when updating.
    I know that some shared hosters just wipe everything and set up a fresh image when you "update" to a new version from their administration panel.

    So as already mentioned, keep regular backups and especially make a backup before you do any heavy changes to your system as like upgrading to a new version
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Yeah there is no chance that Spigot itself deleted your plugins.
    Breaking your map I could perhaps believe, but removing your plugins is definitely not Spigot.
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  15. It does NOT! Your plugins will be intact, however, any saved data may have changed and be incompatable with your plugins.
    There have allways been warnings that a server upgrade may break your server and plugin compatability, and to backup everything before doing so. Which will allow you to put everything back as it was.

    You should not jump into a puddle before you know how deep it is!
    You need to prepare yourself and judge any outcome.
  16. Any respectable server owner makes at least ONE backup before upgrading to anything new.. even if you never back up ever, you at least back up going from 1.13 to 1.14 for example. The jump's too big to risk it. duh.
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  17. What have you used to update spigot?
    An external application?

    Spigot does not delete maps or plugins, or you have used a malicious .jar or the manager that updated your spigot works that way, removing the folder and creating a new empty.

    It's not Spigot's fault.

    You should have backup copies and if you don't have them it is your responsibility.
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  18. Spigot and Craftbukkit's licenses do not provide any warranties. If you are trying to restore the world, Do Not write to the disk of you try to use recovery tools to attempt to restore the world.
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  19. Shaggy67


    I've been running/upgrading a minecraft server for many years. I have never seen that happen. What hosting provider are you using? Is this the first time you have done an upgrade using their service?
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