Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord 1.15.1

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  1. probably not, they most likely decided "Yea, it's good enough to release now"
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  2. Bukkit#getPlayer(String) and other methods got undeprecated. Nice.
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  3. Just took the spigot 1.13.2 world from before 1.14.4's upgrade, and used mojang's vanilla server.jar to --forceUpgrade;
    Code (Text):

    [14:30:32] [Server thread/INFO]: 4% completed (165600 / 3614807 chunks)...
    [14:30:33] [pool-3-thread-1/WARN]: Unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack: minecraft:light_gray_banner
    [14:30:33] [pool-3-thread-1/WARN]: Unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack: minecraft:spawner
    [14:30:33] [Server thread/INFO]: 4% completed (166259 / 3614807 chunks)...
    .. I just got home, and finally had time to do the vanilla test, of course, after i submitted the bug report while on the bus.

    Guess it's a vanilla bug, if any, so this will probably never get fixed, i'll learn to live with it.
  4. An updated version of WorldEdit was released almost as soon as Spigot was (http://builds.enginehub.org/job/worldedit/). We haven't pushed an official build as there are a few pretty major Minecraft bugs that larger block changes can trigger (think entirely corrupt worlds), so I strongly recommend keeping backups.
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  5. --forceUpgrade converts all region files from pre-1.13 file format, to the new post-1.13 format (the flattening). What would running this command do for a world created in 1.14 after a 1.15 upgrade? Has the scope of --forceUpgrade changed recently?
  6. This was incredibly quick! Didn't expect to get it so fast, looking forward to playing this update :)
    Haven't been watching the snapshots so I'm going in blind.
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  7. You wouldn’t understand. If you don’t worship 1.8 you’re a clown LMAOOO XD XD XD XD gottem

    God that hurt me to write
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  8. Here I was excited to try and upgrade, .. thank you for letting me know there's these serious bugs in Mojang's 1.15 release, if you have any jira reports on this i'd love to upvote them so 1.15.1 might address them.

    I think it's fair to say I am not risking a live server to upgrade to 1.15 with such bug(s), and will just cancel testing and use my time to watch tv or something. sigh. bummer.
  9. If you want a 1.13.2 world in 1.15.0, convert it with --forceUpgrade once using spigot-1.15.jar
    If you want a 1.14.4 world in 1.15.0, convert it with --forceUpgrade once using spigot-1.15.jar

    I don't know what you mean with "a world created in 1.14 after a 1.15 upgrade?"

    If it's a 1.14 world 'upgraded' to 1.15, you would have used --forceUpgrade. And you're done.
    If not, just /stop use --forceUpgrade, and run the server, don't connect to it. Let it finish. Read what the console says.
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  10. did you update?
  11. I do not know what I should update .. there are only the lines as a loop and generic_v3 I can not find anything
  12. clip


  13. lol the biggest minecraft servers are still running on 1.8 too since they would loose much pvp players with upgrading.
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  14. Biggest servers != majority of servers.
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  15. The richest people drive this car, why aren't you!
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  16. Anyone test out GriefPrevention yet? It didn't need an update for .14 so I'm assuming it works. So far I've got LuckPerms and the latest dev build of EssentialsX running on my test server without issues, going to try out CoreProtect and GriefPrevention later on tonight when I get home
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  17. Running Grief Prev just fine. I have been running server since release and have seen no errors with GP. Also running coreprotect and works as well without any problems seen thus far.
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  18. thanks mate, since you seem to be running a similar setup to myself would you mind posting a list of what you've tested and what seems to be working without error? thanks