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  1. I didn't try but what about new blocks - beehive, bee nest etc.? Can I take honey from somebody's claim? Does CoreProtect see beehives or honey bottles in chests?
  2. Is it safe to upgrade the whole server to 1.15?
    I want to do full reset on the world too and there are lot of people waiting on my server
  3. Cool! Love it!
  4. Thanks for all the hard work. I've only got two plugins not working.... Residence and ProtocolLib. I should imagine they'll update them in the near future. The only thing I have noticed not working is the MOTD in the server.properties file.
  5. MD5 a have converte the world from 1.14.4 to 1.15 with --force upgrade My worlds are completly destroyed
    Can you help was i make wrong?

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  6. Thanks as always @md_5 , really fast! :D
  7. What do you mean with destroyed? What happened?
    Also you should open a Jira bug report and attach world files
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  8. All my buildings are distributed in parts throughout the world
  9. As soon as I found this update, I updated my server asap. I can say after testing, that:
    • World loading at startup is far better than 1.14
    • The huge lag whenever players joined on 1.14 is gone now
    • Switching between worlds is way faster (client?)
    • New chunks still cause disgusting lag.
    • My ping seems higher?
    Overall I'd definitely recommend updating if you're on 1.14 already.

    I also found a strange bug: when you die, the death screen doesn't show if you have chat or inventory open? is this the client or server?
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  10. Did you do a complete backup?
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  11. This is a really bad behaviour, basically your world is bugged and can't be repaired.. I hope you have backups.
    Please open a bug report on Jira: https://hub.spigotmc.org/jira/projects/SPIGOT/issues/
    This surely is not normal
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  12. I have reload a old stand of my worlds. Push it to 1.15. Again with forceUpgrade. Now the worlds are fine. It's look like my chunk files are corrupted in the last Versions.
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  13. Update pushed, I am also seeing the weird warning re: light gray banner - just one warning. No other issues noted. Will have to check out the performance later today, and of course I did make a full backup before running --forceUpgrade.

    But like a total space cadet I realized right AFTER I forced the upgrade that there is no Optifine for 1.15 yet... oh noes! I'll have to live with it until they drop the release I guess.

  14. You've simply repeated the instructions to run --forceUpgrade. What I'm asking is, what would --forceUpgrade do in this context.

    --forceUpgrade converts regions files to the new format introduced in 1.13 (also known as the flattening). Assuming the world is *not* pre-1.13, why would you do this? What value would it provide?

    NOTE: I'm not suggesting one shouldn't run the argument (I respect md5's expertise in such matters). I'm simply trying to understand why it's recommended, considering it *shouldn't* be doing anything to worlds initially generated in 1.14.
  15. @md_5 as far as i know, mojang now distributes official NMS mappings for both client and server. Why not use them?
    I have to modify and use NMS code to implement some otherwise impossible things and it would be much more convenient for both me and other developers to see understandable method and field names instead of 'a', 'b', 'c', etc
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  16. Because there is a very strong copyright at the top of those mappings put forth by MICROSOFT stating they can not be used except for personal use, ie: look, don't touch.
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  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    There’s smaller format changes each version as well
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  18. Anyone using --forceUpgrade should refer to the original post.

    1. And may I also add, REMOVE ALL PLUGINS DURING THIS PROCESS! (As some may have an interaction with the process.)
    2. If you have a World Generator set in the Bukkit.yml, it may be wise to remove that as well (needs confirmations).
    3. Having an old Resource Pack referenced, also has an outside chance to cause the end user problems, so probably wise to remove that as well before --forceUpgrade (needs confirmations).

    As GriefPrevention has a dependancy on WorldEdit there are likely to be issues with GriefPrevention.
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  19. Seems to me you'd have to keep Multiverse, as that's how the extra worlds get loaded in the first place.
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  20. Thank you :) and great work!