1.15.2 Bukkit.creteInventory() with JSON title

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  1. Is there a way
    Code (Text):
    with JSON title? the creteInventory takes string and displays it as such.

    When using this code:
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        NBTTagCompound display = compound.getCompound("display");
        if(display != null)
            title = display.getString("Name");
    it gives me
    Code (Text):
    which is displayed in the title.

    Looking at Open Window packet, it has Chat as title (which is JSON) but I could not find function for it.
  2. Why do you want to do a title in JSON when you can use the symbol: § for chat colors?
  3. or the ChatColor enum, which is less prone to encoding issues on other operating systems, such as this
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  4. Code (Text):