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  1. So, as I wanted to develop more in Clojure, I came up with this.
    It's currently just 2 classes, one for the wrapper and 1 for an exception which can be used in place of Clojure's absence of "return". Just throw it and it'd cancel the code while not generating an exception.
    It does has some requirements for method params but that's not really much either.

    It is all located at GitHub:

    And usage of the library, excluding the shade part which is your part, is in the README:

    I also now push to Clojars:
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    This is really interesting, though what is up with the alt-key use for characters? ^ [ ] (). Looks almost annoying ti write in.
  3. Alt-key?
    This is circa my layout at least. I have all the keys I need on the keyboard. :p
  4. insert hate towards clojure here
  5. thx for permission.

    clojure looks like shit.
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    Alt as in you have to press something to get it. Not alt-code.
  7. Everyone has something which falls into their taste and something which makes them hurl ;)
    Eh, have that in java too, sadly.
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    Well of course. Any language. But so frequent? I have to say it looks well organized just for me I'd be frustrating writing in that style I think. Going to try a simple Hello World app in it.
  9. It's function oriented so it'd at least be a good start before C :p
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    Lol I know C. This is about syntax...
  11. Bump. Changed to new repository with new and better wrapper.
  12. Old thread and all, but I wanted to update it, so here we go. Update up with a little optimizations and easier to use, as you can now just insert it into your Leiningen/Boot/Gradle/Maven project with some relocation, and you'll be good to go.
    It's therefore available at Clojars:
  13. Is this project still alive?
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