Solved Bukkit#getPlayerExact returns null if player's GameProfile is changed.

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  1. Okay, so I'm trying to change the player's GameProfile for reasons, but Bukkit#getPlayerExact breaks by doing so. Things such as Bukkit#getPlayer still return the player, but Bukkit#getPlayerExact returns null. Does anyone have any reason/solution for this?


  2. How exactly are you changing the GameProfile; are you altering the name?
    edit: are you using reflection?
  3. Yes, I'm using reflections to change the GameProfile.
  4. But are you changing the name?
    I suppose you are directly accessing the variables and don't invoke any setters (mainly because there probably aren't any), correct?
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    I"am changing the thing that is used to identify the player and now I can't get the player anymore, pls help!"

    If you want any real help, tell us what you are doing with the Gameprofile and why, with code.
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  6. I'm completely changing the GameProfile of the player to a new one, I'm setting the field of the GameProfile inside of the EntityPlayer class.

    ^ changing the fields with reflections
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  7. As I mentioned before, Bukkit.getPlayer does work properly and Bukkit.getPlayerExact does not. CraftPlayer#getName returns the name of the new GameProfile which it should - but Bukkit.getPlayerExact doesn't return the player if searching by the same name.
  8. SteelPhoenix


    #getPlayerExact() finds a user based on a cached name value in the NMS's DedicatedPlayerList
  9. CraftServer#getPlayerExact() checks if the passed parameter (the name) equals player.getName().

    Edit: It seems like the spigot api I use as dependency from maven has a different #getPlayerExact() method than my spigot. (I'll try changing the cached name)
  10. Thanks, this helped. It works properly now.