Solved Bukkit.getWorld(String) returns null

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  1. Bukkit.getWorld(String) returns null even if the world exists, and the world is already loaded.
    :( anyway to fix this error?
  2. Bukkit.getServer().getWorld("stringname");
  3. It works when it teleports the player to the lobby, But it doesn't work when it should teleport him to the game.
    We tried using world iterators, and this method and it just doesn't work :(
  4. How did you load the world? Because I used that function many times and I've never had any problem
  5. I think it is also case sensitive.
  6. Such plot twist
    Code (Java):
    public static World getWorld(String name)
        return server.getWorld(name);

    public static Server getServer()
        return server;
    they do exactly the same.
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  7. Can you show your code?