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  1. Hey guys,

    Excuse me while I rage a minute. I'm a patient guy but this has really ticked me off. So I was on the bukkit forums today, posted a nice little post that asked for a plugin developer, formal, straight to the point. 2 minutes later a kid puts on the post. I'm breaking the rules yada, don't do this and that. I mean come on, your not a moderator shut the f*ck up. Later on another member in the thread posted the same crap and told me to put a topic in the showcase section instead.

    I did this, went for a catnap since I was sooo damn tired from all the work I've been doing. Come back to find both topics removed without a notice or warning... I mean come on? What the hell is that about.....

    Okay had to get that out of my system because that's really annoyed me. But anyway.

    I'm looking for a bukkit plugin developer that has decent knowledge with Java & mySQL. The work will be done on a voluntary basis but you will be paid now and again for your work and time when we can afford to do so (Our last developer earn't 20 - 30 Euro for updates on each plugin when we had it). You will also receive unlimited webhosting and a domain paid for you also.

    We have multiple custom plugins that we need updating, features adding and just improving.
    At JR we have a great staff team, everyone is active, friendly and fun. No nonsense, no kids. We are around to have a good time.

    If you'd like to join please make sure you can prove you have a good understanding of bukkit plugin development, Meaning you can understand java as well as mysql.

    If you'd like to join, PM me here, contact me on the JR Forums at http://jrnetwork.net or email me directly at [email protected] If you'd like to see the server you will be helping to run login to our 1.4.7 server at play.jrcraft.net

    Thanks guys :D
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