Bukkit plugin that saves information to a .TXT file

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by laurynashq, May 29, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, could you guys help me out making a plugin that when you enter a certain command it saves that data to a text file ? For example: a player types "/request DiamondBlocks 26" and then something like "Player125 DiamondBlock 26" <-- this would be saved to that text file. I don't have any knowledge with Java or these stuff, so your help is very needed, thanks :)
  2. Learn Java if you want to make it, otherwise go to the hiring section.
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  3. That is why I guys need your help
  4. We're not here to spoonfeed you or teach you Java. As I said, if you want it made for you this is the wrong section
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  5. Not going to tell you how to do this exactly (by giving you the code), but I will give you some hints so you can learn it yourself :p.
    1. Create a File object that is the path of the place where the .TXT will be placed.
    2. Check if it exists, if not create it.
    3. Create a File object that is the .TXT.
    4. Check if it exists, if not create it.
    5. Write your stuff in the file (and save).
    I hope that this takes you in the right direction and if not feel free to PM me :).
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