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  1. Hey there,
    From now on, every week I will be posting a Bukkit Plugin Tutorial Video on my YouTube Channel.

    I will be going through each line of code that I do in order to make it easy for anyone to learn what I'm doing. I've already recorded 2 episodes, but I would love suggestions for future episodes. I will be posting these here for others to learn, but keep in my it is simply my way of making plugins. I realize other people have other ways, and I would suggest that anyone following these videos check out other creators as well if they are having issues.

    Thanks, here's the first one! Let me know either here or in the comments over there what you think!

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  2. It may be difficult to do it properly. You can already learn everything you need to know in this respect from PogoStick29Dev, I guess if you're going to have a whack at this as well, teach proper conventions and OOP practices. Keep in mind that alot of people watching your videos will be new to Java. Also try and teach topics that pogo never did.
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  3. I appreciate the input. I've never heard of Pogo but I'll check them out and see what I can expand on.
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  4. I love your pronounciation of Java and jar
  5. How would it usually be pronounced?
  6. Don't know, I don't speak English so I don't say it like that, I say it more like this
  7. I don't hear a difference other than my J sounds a bit sharper.
  8. In my ears you say it more like Jäva but it doesn't matter lol
    • Don't use the Bukkit Logger, use your Plugin's Logger
    • Why use log level when you can just use Logger::info?
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  9. There's always something someone can improve on in a plugin.

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  10. What's the difference between the two? I just do it the way I've seen others do it. If its more efficient I'll do it with the plugin I've just never known there to be a difference.
    Thanks for the pointer
  11. The logger from your plugin will prefix logs with your plugins name.
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  12. Why are we logging that the plugin is starting in the first place when Bukkit already does that for you?
  13. It actually doesn't. Bukkit will say "plugin is enabling" right before calling onEnable(). It's a common practice to include your own log entry to say enabling is finished as the last thing in your onEnable(), especially if you are loading up quite a bit of things.
  14. Ah. my assumption was that Bukkit used to never log that it was loading said plugin and so people are sticking to old practices still by doing what is already done. I swear I learned that from someone in the past. Just invalid information learned.
  15. I was also more just doing it to show how to do it more than anything as well.
  16. I assume you mean rather use Plugin#getLogger over Bukkit#getLogger? If so, I didn't know that normal Bukkit didn't prefix the plugin correctly, though I should've seen it coming.
  17. I always make my own Prefix when doing the Bukkit logger, I just thought that's what everyone else has been doing too. In the tutorial I make the prefix show up as part of the string that I'm logging.
  18. The main reason you shouldn't use Bukkit's Logger, is that it's Bukkit's Logger, and not yours.
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  19. I'll be posting a new video today that goes over items.

    I'll also be recording a new video today and I'll mention some of the points that were brought up in this thread. Thanks everyone for the input. I hope I can continue to teach newer developers as well as learn from more experienced Java and Spigot developers.

    I will eventually be getting into OOP and some more advanced concepts but I want to make this a gradual experience so anyone watching in order won't become overwhelmed.