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Misc features you never knew you needed

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  2. It's so good to have BE back again! Weirdly enough, I still had some old animal tags in one of our legacy worlds -- and they still work! It's so good to see my favorite horse, Hoof Hearted, again :) And villagers are improved, it used to give a random villager, now it remembers which kind!

    Couple of things -- llamas, rabbits, mules, donkeys, and polar bears will go in the tag, but won't come back out. The tag looks right, has the description and everything, they just don't come out. Fairly sure they used to do hostile mobs too, but I could be wrong, it was so long ago.

    Just a thought -- is there any way that the animal tag could store ocelots and wolves, and somehow make them tame without making them dogs/cats?

    Anyway, I can't thank you enough for reviving my favorite plugin :D
  3. One more thing, I noticed that the Fiery and Feller enchantments have a weird character in front of them. It's not a problem or anything, just thought I'd mention it, and while I'm at it -- it would be neat if Feller could be combined like other enchantments, and also it seems strangely common compared to Fiery, which I enchanted like 10 things and didn't see (the one in the screenshot is cheated).
  4. Those are all mobs added way after the original plugin so they were never accounted for but I'll get them added at some point.

    I noticed that character in testing and then forgot about it, it's removed now.

    Fiery does seem to be quite rare but I tried enchanting a bunch of picks and got it a few times eventually. I'm not sure what you mean by combining Feller like other enchantments.

    There seems to be a rare bug that causes an error message when a block is broken but I'm not sure what's causing it since it's so rare. It might be something to do with feller but I couldn't find the cause since the message has only ever appeared once.
  5. I'll do some more testing to see if I can see the error message, I like testing stuff.

    By combine, I meant, when you take an eff 3 pick and combine it with an eff 3 pick (or an eff 3 book), it becomes eff 4. But combining 2 Feller 3 axes just gives another Feller 3 axe. Basically, to make the custom enchants do the same things the regular ones do.

    On that subject, I tried putting fiery/feller on a book with /enchantcustom, and it doesn't put the enchantment in the book, it just enchants the book with it as if it was a tool. By which I mean, if you take the Feller book and punch a tree with it, it Fellers the tree, and the book disappears, making a tool-breaking sound. Which is kind of weirdly neat, but it'd be cooler if it was possible to make actual enchanted books with Fiery and Feller, that could then be used to put the enchants on tools that are already made.

    I don't mean to bug you or anything, if I am being annoying let me know and I'll stop. I really should just learn some java and be able to fork things myself, and be less annoying.