Bukkit BukkitGames (Hunger Games) 3.0.0

The best HungerGames plugin you can get. It's free, up-to-date and works right out of the box.

  1. [breaks in next minecraft version]
  2. hi, nice plugin, but some things don´t work (Spigot MC 1.12.2):

    All chests are empty at the beginning!?

    restart don´t work - after a game, the server keeps beeing down:

    Using Bungeecord. How can you automatically go back to the proxy after ending game?
    -> ah: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/end-game-lobby.30318/ does that :)

    It would be nice, if spectators could leave a game. So they don´t have to watch the match to the end(but they can).
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  3. this plugin DELETES your main world without a warning (i mean in the plugin it self)
    also in response to the author the warning is NOT in the first 2 sentences and you have to scroll down to see it. It should be at the VERY top really big so that people actually know
    First sentence reads: "BukkitGames is the best Hunger Games plugin you can get."
    Second one says "More than 30,000 downloads!" balalalalaal
    so PLEASE make a confirm command or something that you type to inform and say yes to the user that they are sure about it to not remove any important information!
  4. @gaberilde It's bold and red. And it is directly under the dependency list... there is no way you can run the plugin (which requires the dependency) without reading the first sentences here. Also why would anyone download a plugin without reading at least some of the plugin page?! How would you know what the plugin even does when you do not read the description?
  5. I saw it too. Important Info + red.
  6. Heads up!
    I just found out that BukkitGames is starting to show up on several other websites known for leaking Minecraft server plugins. Those websites make quite the effort to lure you into thinking you are on the offical plugin's page (e.g. by copying the whole resource page including images and providing file downloads and so on).

    Warning: Do not download BukkitGames from any third-party websites!
    Most of the time the only thing you will download from those sites is some kind of virus.

    BukkitGames's home since 2013 is SpigotMC (https://www.spigotmc.org) with wiki and docs hosted at BitBucket (https://bitbucket.org/ftbastler/bukkitgames/wiki/). The plugin is not distributed on any other website!

    As per license it is illegal to copy or redistribute the plugin. If the above trend continues I might start taking legal actions against these sort of websites. BukkitGames is free and will continue to be free! There is no need to search for a download on any other site...

    If you want you can check the integrity of your plugin file with the below checksums (for BukkitGames v3.0.0):
    Code (Text):
    shasum -a 1 BukkitGames.jar
    43da504f385296c308c0c8da4441a14b86e9ccbd  BukkitGames.jar

    shasum -a 256 BukkitGames.jar
    64f48f0652252cc028b539ff6af2198c29c8f9361c51e295cd1ae8e087c0ba87  BukkitGames.jar
    Stay safe.
    - ftbastler
  7. Why does it remove the main world?
  8. It created a own world on every start.
  9. Hey there,
    I have one question..
    I own server running on Bukkitgames plugin and when I was translating file ''messages.yml'', I saw there ''Top 10 Killers/Winners/Deaths'' but I have no idea where I can use it. I know that I can create web-stats but how can I use it in Game? Is there any way to display TOP 10 in game for players? For example in Scoreboard.

  10. Hello guys.

    I have to admit, this plugin is the best I've ever seen. But when the game ends, the server shuts down instead of restarting. Console "cannot find start script start.sh". Can I make it somehow to restart the server?

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