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  1. BukkitStart is a Maven plugin that allows you to run and test your plugin directly in your IDE workspace. No more running a start script, jumping back to your IDE, connecting to the remote debug session, jumping back to your server, running a command, etc. With BukkitStart it can all be done with one click of a button in your IDE to start your plugin, and off you go.


    Please check the link above for how to use BukkitStart. I'll probably expand this post later, just wanted to get the post out there for now. BukkitStart natively supports testing off of the latest builds of CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper, but you can use any server jar you want to test off of.

    Please feel free to give any feedback you have. Thanks!
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  2. Really useful. Maybe you should add it to the wiki :D
  3. Will definitely be using this. good work
  4. hey, that's pretty good.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. BukkitStart has been updated to 1.1-SNAPSHOT after working with @neth to fix up some issues.
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  7. If you have Intellij just create a new run profile that starts your spigot.jar and profit. No need to include some weird plugin.
    If you are not using Intellij, better start using it.
  8. Have fun debugging and hot swapping code with that setup without using remote debugging.
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