Bunch of questions. Some dumb. :D

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  1. So I noticed two big hosts use OVH and I wondered does that mean they run the exact same hardware? If so how much is the same? I'm talking about shared hosting.

    Does a host determine how much CPU and bandwidth goes to each server?

    How many servers does a host run on the same CPU?

    Thanks for answering my questions to anyone who responds. Ty!
  2. What hosts are you referring to?
  3. Id rather not say since i know both of them will jump this thread if i say their names lol.
  4. You should say because we simply can't compare it like this
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    It does not mean they run the same hardware.

    The host does decide how much CPU/bandwidth goes to a server.

    The host can run as many servers as it likes on a single CPU.
  6. Obviously they do. The difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is the fact that you will generally get better performance and security if you maintain your own dedis. Shared hosting hosts as many servers as they want on one dedi.

    Most of Spigot will tell you to stay away from shared hosting (if you can help it). Also, its generally cheaper to buy from the source than through resellers ;)
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  7. Im not trying to compare two host guys, it was a very simple question. Also anyone heard of choopa data centers?

    Dedicated hosting cost a ton more then shared though right? Im running a server for like 40 player cap with 40 plugins. Nothing insane lol.
    Thanks for your response.
  8. Shared hosting gets you one server, dedicated gets you as many servers as it can hold (unlimited players/ plugins).
  9. Isnt that what some people refer to as a "dedicated box" where you literately have an entire computer at the database to do whatever you want?(network or massive server)
  10. Most just say "dedi" for short. But yes. Shared hosts cram multiple servers on one "dedi" and mark up the price essentially.
  11. Ty.
  12. Just before you get any ideas, you don't have the knowledge to get a dedi. That much is clear so if you're thinking that then stop right now.
  13. Nope I have no plan to get one. Aren't they like 100+ bucks a month?
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    You could get a KS-4 or a SYS-SSD-1. They aren't too expensive
  15. Oh, thank you.

    I wont ever need that kind of hardware for my server though. It would be well beyond overkill.
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    SO far, i've been running with GGServers (downgraded from a dedicated server a I was removing servers from my network) and they have been good so far @ a player count of around 20, also their Dedi's aren't crammed at all from what I have seen via my Multicraft panel. I'd give them a go.
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  17. I have been told very bad things about them... Over and over I have heard negative things to the point I have backed out many times from getting a test server from them. I mean they might have changed. But I'm not willing to risk any money on them. Sorry if that offends anyone or GGServers. But mere advertising doesn't make a host. Reputation makes or breaks the decision to go to a host. Word gets around fast these days. My father always told me the last person to trust when buying something is the seller themselves.

    But thank you for the recommendation anyhow.
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    Choopa is big, VULTR is part of them.
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    Haha, fucking noob.
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  20. Ok, go delete your GGServers account. If you really want Multicraft, go get yourself a BisectHosting server. If not, get a VPS. Stay as far away from GGServers as you can. Please.