Bungee 1.12.2

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  1. Sadly how admin thinks he can answer everything with a link and close the thread thinking also that the doubt will be solved with it

    This link - https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bungee-1-12-2.333260/#post-3110750
    wont help, i think none have read the problem.. i dont want the latest one, i want the latest 1.12.2 one and theres no way to know which one is cuz theres only #XXXX tags not versions tags

    To read the post https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bungee-1-12-2.333260/#post-3110750 - doesnt kill at all..

    i dont get how can i find the latest 1.12.2 in the download link
    Focus on bold text..

    the link that the 'admin' gave is general one.. doesnt help me.. its far away from what im asking..
    The link that the first guy gave. sadly is about installation..

    Im looking for the LATEST >>>> 1.12.2 <<<< BUNGEECORD
    Or a way to build it, i was talking about it with some people last night, we can build Spigot/Bukkit but we cant build bungee.. would be amazing being able to build bungee with the same specs as spigot/bukkit
    latest 1.12 or so...

    Also, please dont pretend that posting a link that has nothing to do with the question, will solve the question.
    You're not the one to say if the question is solved or not unless you're the one asking..
  2. Although he did answer it. The most stable build is 1.12.2 which is the one md_5 linked you to. You should try it before asking again.
  3. He did link the main download page, theres no info about what is the latest 1.12.2
    I know the page he did link..
    Im upset cuz instead waiting for a reply he just closed it cuz he thought it was done..
    It wasnt what i was looking for..
    wasnt my question at all..

    I dont meant to be rude, but giving a default reply and closing w/o caring about if the doubt was cleared or not is a rude thing to do..

    Someone from helpchat or SourceCodeDiscord, i dont remember, told me that i can use the latest one w/o worry about it being compatible or not cuz it will always be..

    My doubt came when a dev told me to not to use 1.13 bungee cuz his plugin wouldnt work with it cuz it would support only 1.12.2 ones..

    IF md_5 had told me that and then closing id get it and would understand.. but he just gave the link for downloads..

    Also im nto sure if i asked there, why we cant build bungee as we build spigot/bukkit.. it would be easier for some of us..
    Whenever i need i build 1.12.2 spigot/bukkit..

    Do you get me now? the reason that made me upset?

    Once again, i ddont meant to be rude, i just dont know how to express myself at all.. i have problems with it..
    Best Regards
  4. (As far as I know) BungeeCord is backward-compatible. So https://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeCord/ should be fine for your needs.
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