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Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

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    Bungee Admin Tools - Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

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  2. very good full plugin
  3. Nice plugin!!! Very good job :)
  4. @elraro
    Thanks, don't hesitate to review it;)
  5. JamesJ


    Amazing plugin!
    If your looking for a high quality banning, muting and kicking plugin, get this!
    I am proud to have beta tested it, even if it was only for a day xD
  6. So this is working on multiple bungee instance o_O ?

    oh too bad i use a version of spigot which allow 1.6.2 to .17.5 to connect and i have this error : http://pastie.org/8965757

    Do you think you can fix it :( ?
    #9 Kouki, Mar 24, 2014
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  7. @Kouki
    No it doesn't support well multiple bungee instance (the players are not sync between multiple instances), but once someone has an sanction he will have it on any proxy with BAT if the used database is the same.
    Hi, my plugin message are based on a component which appears I think in 1.7 bungee. So no I'm sorry but I can't change my full message system, the only way to get it work is to use the latest bungee build... Sorry
  8. Oh ok this plugin is usless to me then ^^ i really need a multiple bungee system if you are interested : http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/mul...kick-system-250-negotiable.14698/#post-146377
  9. The multiple bungee system is on my to-do list but first I need to implement the migrate command and have a lot of others stuffs to do. So I can't promise you any near date sorry.
  10. @chipie678
    Hi, the reason is we're are including the dependencies two times. I'm investigating but the only solution seems to use an BAT version which doesn't include the dependencies. Here is this version : http://puu.sh/7QzLz.jar
    This version isn't standalone you must use it with BungeeIRC. Otherwise use the version on spigotmc
    I'll try to find another solution but it may not be any solution :(
  11. @AlphartDev
    Its work :p great

    But i run this plugin on a server with 1900 players banned but lasted plugin for ban is essentials
    Possible to include a migrate to essentials (players-banned.txt -> BAT database) ? ty
  12. @chipie768
    I'll probably add an import option from Essentials, I just need to decide if I import them as global ban or if I add an option which will allow you to choose from which servers you want the player to be banned
  13. As BAT works as a bungee plugin it will not undermine essentials banning etc. That is to say if you make an alias with a Spigot / Bukkit alias plugin for /normban to do /ban it will use essentials ban as it "sneaks" past BAT. This can also be said for using the ban command in the console as this will by pass BAT as your not typing it in the bungee console. Therefore because of this if you have not banned a player in BAT they will be still be banned on the server if you keep your player-banned.txt file so it should be no problem except for a slightly misleading set of data when using /bat lookup on a player.
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  14. @TheJamiePatrol
    Yes ofc it's possible to use essentials bans with alias but I think he was wanting to import all the ban into BAT, like you said probably to get a cleaner system and a functional lookup.
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  15. Guess still don't have any ETA on the multi bungee :p ..
  16. @Kouki
    I read your post again but you seems to want different future that the ones which are in BAT that's why I didn't rush.
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