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    Comment and warn arrival - Bug fixes

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  2. is there a possible way to make it so we can have multiple intergrations with diff plugins, for example bungeeperms. So we can pull stuff like rank etc. Make it so we can like enable or disable certain features from different plugins.
  3. @JustCallMeLewis
    Hi, I'm not sure to exactly understand. e.g You would like to have the possibility to demote a player as a punishment instead of banning him ?
  4. No i dont mean that i mean like having the ability to choose what goes into the lookup, like having options in the config to do that. What i mean by bungeeperms is like having the option to make the lookup find a users rank through bungeeperms. But not just bungeeperms also having intergration with other plugins
  5. Finally someone has made something like this!
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  6. @JustCallMeLewis
    Ok I see, so I don't think I will do that because it's not really in the vein of the plugin. But I'm planning to add another modules (such as a ticket system) which will enrich the lookup.

    However if you really want to do that, you can take the code source and add your mod, it's not very difficult to do ;)

    Thanks, don't hesitate to review :)
  7. CustomForms

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    I'm just a little confused as to why a proper (case sensitive) server name must be added. Currently I have all my bungeecord server names properly capitalized. In my case or my staffs case, they would need to type Survival, not survival? I want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.
  8. @nhadobas
    Yes you're right; if your server name is "Survival", they will have to write "Survival" with exactly the same case.
    I did this update because they were problem with case sensitivity of server name : some people apperead as ban though they were not.
  9. CustomForms

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    Ugh, to me that is actually a major let down. Even though it is such a small thing, a small percentage of the time we will actually remember to capitalize the first letter. I'm less worried about me and more worried about my staff no remembering. I'll assume it probably isn't going to be fixed at all?
  10. @nhadobas
    I'm thinking about this ...
    Just to be sure, the "only" thing that disturbs you is the fact to capitalize correctly the server name each time , even if you have a warning message when you did it wrong?

    EDIT : It was a mistake from me. I'm gonna upload another version, which should fixes the case-sensitivity problem.
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  11. CustomForms

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    Awesome, I really appreciate you looking into it further.

    EDIT: @AlphartDev Thought of a nifty idea for the punishment messages. It would be cool if you could edit the default and add a {reason} in it. For example the ban message for a player when they try to login would be similar to this: ban-message: '{reason} You can appeal your ban on our website.'
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  12. @nhadobas
    All the most important message of the plugin are already translatable.
    Just open the jar and edit the message_en.language. The message you're searching for is the "isBanned" message ;)
  13. CustomForms

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    Thank you very much.
  14. This plugin does not appear to work for me, I am on the latest version of BungeeCord, The latest version of Yamler and the latest version of BAT. Whenever a Player attempts to join they get stuck at "Logging in" for a long while and then get disconnected. Nothing comes up in the BungeeCord console apart from the usual "InitialHandler has connected" message. I have tested BungeeCord with and without BAT and my results show that BAT is causing this, any idea what the issue is? :)
  15. JamesJ


    I have had this error, I would recommend downgrading a couple of builds and it should fix it, if it doesn't please jest reply again.
  16. @Bunkham
    Hi, which bungeecord build did you use when you encounter this error ?
  17. @Bunkham
    Ok, once I get home (with my dev environement) I fix that.
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  18. Great plugin, really appreciate your work.
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