Bungee - Proxy Bungee Admin Tools - Basics edition 1.4.3-basics

Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

  1. Hi !

    i tried but it not works, database connect error.
    in logfile, no info about port used
    my db mysql is not on default port, it is written in config file but it seems not read it ;-)

    ps: i'm french user so sorry for ma poor english ;)

  2. @Kervinou
    No, there is in fact an error in the code. I send you the build once I get my dev environement.

    P.S: I'm also french, if you have want to speak french instead of english, PM me.
  3. TheOnlyRealTGS


    Would it be possible to add more import options such as Minecraft's default file or BanHammer?
  4. @TheOnlyRealTGS
    I'm currently pretty busy IRL, but I added that to my todo list.
    I'll tag you when it'll be out :)
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  5. Commands work great!
  6. @spellegrom
    Thanks man, it's awesome !! I'll add it to the next update :)
    And you're right, all the strings are not translated, just the most important one (except the lookup translation that I really need to make).
  7. TheOnlyRealTGS


    It would be really useful if you added these features:
    • A permission to see people's IP address when doing a lookup. (I want to keep my IP private, and I'm sure my players do too. Since none of my admins have permission to IP ban, it's not needed either) And people with permission to IP ban/mute/kick should get it autobantically
    • Command to see a player's ban history (Like BanHammer) maybe /bat history <player>/<ip> that will display all bans for that player with reasons etc
    • Command to see recent bans with reasons (Like BanHammer) syntax: /bat recent <number>
    Especially the IP permission would be great if you added!
  8. @TheOnlyRealTGS
    I added the first and the second suggestion on my todo however concerning the 3rd one, I think the player's history (sorted by date) is enough, don't you ?
  9. JamesJ


    Maybe you could add in the config, a list of IPs/names, the the search queries that name, it sends a message like:
    You are not allowed to lookup that person!
    Just an idea :p
  10. TheOnlyRealTGS


    Actually I forgot to write everything, I meant a command to see recent kick/ban/mutes (not for one player, just in general) This can be really handy if you want to know what your admins have been doing while you were gone :)
  11. TheOnlyRealTGS


    That would completly deny a lookup, I just want the IP part cut off ;)
  12. @JamesJ
    Concerning the IP (which I agree should be protected), the permission should be enough. If it's for the others informations, I think that if you give your staff to lookup on certain player there are no reason they can't lookup everyone including you (except the IP).

    Ok I get it, I'll see if I implement it.
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  13. Users are still able to /msg with essentials when muted. Could you please make a fix for this? ;)
  14. TheOnlyRealTGS


    More like a suggestion, muting only blocks the chat, not any commands :p
  15. @TheOnlyRealTGS
    Yes, it does, check the mute.yml
    If the msg command is in the forbiddenCmds list of the mute.yml file, it should work fine. And if you mean they can using something like /essentials:msg, just add this one into your config file. Otherwise check your setup and your logs.
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  16. Ah right, thanks.