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Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

  1. Awesome thanks and one last question, if you wanna lookup which players a staff banned and for what reasons what command do you type?
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  2. Removing the line and then restarting the import makes it start from the beginning of the list. But I will patiently wait for your fix. Thanks!
  3. @johandre
    There are currently no command for that.
    An alias plugin should do the trick :)
  4. Could you add a command where you can lookup who the staff banned and when? If I pay you 10 USD maybe?
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  5. @johandre
    I may add one, but I won't receive donation to implement feature. If you want to donate it's up to you, but I want to keep this plugin in a "public plugin style" ;)
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  6. Haha okey thank you, I will donate anyway if that feature gets added thought since that would be the perfect ban plugin for me :p.
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  7. Hello,
    for some reason one of the player hasn't been able to speak for about 1 hour now on any servers.
    He has never been muted on the server and I am using MySql, help please.

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  8. @johandre
    Hi, I never see this bug before (the delay to load mutedata can't be superior to 10 seconds) so I can't really help you. If it happens again, I'll decide what to do.
  9. Maybe just were a fast startup error since I just got it.
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  10. @Nussi1986
    Check your BungeeCord build, you must use at least BungeeCord #831
  11. I must I've been waiting for a plugin like this for quite awhile. I was able to convert my massive db of bans with a bit of work and this plugin is running perfectly. The only thing missing and it has been mentioned already is having the ban reason show up under lookup. I would donate for this to be added and you do deserve donations for making such a great plugin and keeping it free. Thank you very much for your work!
  12. @DarkTaco
    I'm sorry that I wasn't able to send you the fixed import version earlier.
    Concerning the feature you're asking for, it will probably be included in the per module lookup which will be very complete and will contain almost/all information about an entry ;) I'll tag you when it's out.

    And I almost forgot the most important part : Thanks for your feedback it's awesome :)
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  13. Hello again ;). I wonder if it is possible that you can add so it logs all the bans/mutes/tempbans in case the mysql/sql base would get broken somehow. Instead of a command to see who a player banned, for example.

    Player name/IP | Banned/Muted/Tempmuted/Tempbanned (duration) | Reason | Banned by
    johandre | Banned | Griefing | Console
    Notch | Tempbanned 2d2m | Test | Johandre | Muted 2h | Spamming | XXRandomPlayerXX
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  14. @johandre
    I'm planning to make a backup system so it should fix this problem.
  15. in a log?
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  16. @johandre
    No, an simple .sql file or something related, easy to import.
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  17. ah okey.
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  18. Cheers for the pointer to the alias plugin idea helped to sort out a few other niggles I had.
    We have switched to your plugin from Ban Management http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ban-management/ as we needed something that banned at the bungee level rather than the bukkit/spigot level.

    Wondering if there is plans or if someone has setup a similar web interface to that to pull the data from the database?
  19. I have the exact same error, I'm using BAT v1.1.3 and BungeeCord #872.