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Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

  1. sorry for my bad English. I hope you understand what I'm talking.

    Great plugin, but unfortunately I can not use on my server. he works in Offline mode and if I block one player receive all subsequent ban.
    Is it possible to bring in the configuration, offline-mode which will not use UUID. Only nicknames

    BAT_player table:

    BAT_player UUID lastip firstlogin lastlogin

    BAT_ban table looks like BAT_player table(UUID).

    And if i ban &nickname1 they banned by UUID :) and all who join after ban, can't join couse write they are banned.

    i didn't know how works u plugin, but mb help u some more information. And if the plugin takes data from geSuite(OverwriteUUID=true), They have some problems with UUID and sometimes write crash when can't found mojang profile: Nickname and they UUID..
    Used on:
    BungeeCord 831
    geSuit 0.8.0

    Thx, great plugins, I hops u will update when have free time or answer what I to do something wrong:)
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  2. @Spazzer @Nussi1986
    With your bungeecord build (inferior to #878), you should use BAT 1.1.2 atm (in the meantime, I release a version compatbile with more Bungee build)

    Hi, BAT works fine with offline server. If you want to use BAT 1.1.3, you should use at least BungeeCord #878.
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  3. is it possible to add a log that logs the commands thought? ;) Would help see who the staff bans.
    Here is a source code to a regular server chat plugin that can log spefic commands, is it any way to like implant it to this plugin with bungeecord support? https://github.com/kangarko/ChatControl
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  4. @johandre
    Instead of a log file, I'm gonna create a lookup like command on staff member, which will display all the information about a staff member. And btw, if ChatControl can log commands, why don't you use it ?

    Concerning the web interface, I was planning to make this at the beginning of the project, however it's not my priority. Btw do you think it's a good idea to have a webserver included to the plugin ?
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  5. Do not work in BungeeCord, but that doesn't matter if you are gonna add a staff lookup :D Thank you so much!
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  6. I dont think it needs to be included as a part of it but have it as an optional zip file to host elsewhere with the ability to hook into the mysql. that way the only performance change is a few queries to the database which should be minimal I would think.
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  7. Considering moving to this plugin from ban management, Just wondering if you can tell me if this has a few features to help me make a decision.

    I gather from this comment that the staff member who banned or warned a player isn't included in the lookup on the player? Rather than running the lookup on the staff member, maybe include it in the information on that particular ban / mute / kick / whatever so it shows up when looking at that player.

    Can you warn or make a note on an offline player?

    Does this keep the full history of a player or just the latest of each type? i.e. if a player has been warned twice and had two tempbans will that show up.

    Do other staff on the network receive a message when someone else disciplines a player?

    Can you customise the message formats?

    Can you set a per player cooldown on commands so a player doesn't get warned or kicked by multiple staff?

    Don't get me wrong, this plugin looks exceptionally sexy and much less hassle than something running on each server, I just want to avoid losing features.
    Thanks =]
  8. JamesJ


    Regarding lookups, yes, it shows all of the players history, for example, if i has been banned 4 times, and i then did '/bat lookup Jpj1999'. It would say:
    4 Bans.
    Currently, there is no in-depth module lookup, but i'm pretty sure that is coming in a future update.
    Yes you can warn/add notes to a offline player. Everything is handled on UUIDs so you can ban/kick/mute/warn etc a offline/never connected player as long as they actually exist on the Mojang user database.
    When you punish someone, all staff with a permission will be notified. You can also change nearly all the messages if you open the .jar with WinRAR or 7zip and edit the languages file.
    This plugin is fantastic, and is really cool! The developer really does care about this, and shows. Who knows, BungeeAdminTools may even become the new BungeeCord BanManager with a web interface (HOPEFUL!) :p
    Hope this helps, i can only provide you with the knowledge i know of the plugin. If you need more information, ask @AlphartDev for more information
    - James
  9. Thanks for the reply, some form of in depth lookup is required for us, though given it's sql we can probably throw something together.
    Few more questions / clarifications

    When a player is warned and they're offline do they get the warning when they next sign in?

    When a player is muted can you customise the commands they can't use ?

    Only remaining questions from the previous post:

    Can you set a per player cooldown on commands so a player doesn't get warned or kicked by multiple staff?
    And is it likely that Rather than running the lookup on the staff member, it will get included it in the information on that particular ban / mute / kick / whatever so it shows up when looking at that player.

    Thanks again for the quick reply,
    Certainly looks like it's a well looked after plugin.
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  10. @spudsrus
    1) No
    2) Yes
    3) No cooldowns

    Concerning the lookup, I want to keep the basic lookup as simple as possible but I have a few ideas to improve it a little bit, without it becomes bigger. The feature you want will be available in the per module lookup.
  11. Request: a silent ban comment. I mean with that: a command to ban a user BUT the ban won't be broadcasted to people with the broadcast permission.

    This is nice if you want to ban a user and don't want the other mods to know.

  12. @Pixiio
    Just remove them the permission. If you don't trust your mods, this plugin isn't going to fix this problem.
  13. It's not about trusting my mods, it was an example. We made a warn addon in php for this plugin, if a user gets more then 3 warning he will be banned. The script will be runned every night with a cronjob. But i don't want the mods to get annoyed if their chat will be spammed with tons of bans.

    But i'll just change the crojob to a time where there are no mods online. Thanks though, great plugin.
  14. @Pixiio
    Oh sorry I didn't think about that. The system you're talking of is implemented in BAT 1.2 but the triggers triggered immediately after the amount of warning is reached. So this way it shouldn't spam the staff members.
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  15. Oh cool, thanks. Would be nice if it would clear the warnings too (so the user has a new chance) and a configurable ban message.
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  16. The only other "option" that I can think of is manually inserting a new row into the bans table. It's not the best way to do it, but it's working and gives you the option of running the cron multiple times a day without spamming your mods.

    *hides for AlphartDev now*
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  17. @spellegrom
    Do I look so nasty ? :p
    So like you said, the best way if you want to trigger your triggers silently is to manually insert the data into the db.

    But some people don't know how to code that, that's why the trigger are implemented in 1.2, and the message is broadcasted once the amount needed is reached. And as you can assign a list of command to a trigger, you can use as reason "trigger 3 warns" if you want to broadcast the message.Or you can do an system which remove the broadcast perm, then ban the player, broadcast a message like "{player} triggers {triggerName}", and then give the perm back. This way you have a full custom system using only BAT (1.2)
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  18. Hey mate, may I ask how to get the reason for tempban, tempbaip, in broadcast? ;) It do not work with any varianles at the home page. And do it exist any variables to show who that banned the players when in the display the player gets banned.
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  19. @AlphartDev Whoo, you're not gonna slap me around a bit with a large trout when I suggest manually inserting things into your database? :D

    Changed my mind, manually inserting it into the ban table is a simple working solution and easy to code.
  20. @johandre
    Quoted from the messages_en file :
    So with the context, you can find the variable {4} refers to the reason.

    Concerning your second question, no there aren't any variable to display the staff who banned the player in the players's display.
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