Bungee and Voting (entry server off-site)

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  1. I am having trouble getting voting to work on my server, and before I pull any more hair out of my head I thought I'd ask here. I searched first, so please forgive me if this has already been discussed and I didn't find it.

    I have my entry bungee setup off-site (Fragnet) in Sweden, and relay traffic there to my homeserver (Norway) on a 50/50 fiber line. I do this, because I then have managed to completely rid myself of ddos attacks over time.

    I have tried so many different things, I can't even recite them all - so I will ask here; is it even possible? Or do all the servers need the same IP? I can't find any instructions on this either, so I'm baffled.

    I have only tried (yet) Votifier with GAListener. I have not yet tried certain paid plugins made directly for bungee, but before I went to that step I thought I'd check if it's even possible.
  2. bvotifier didn't create plugins\bvotifier directory on the bungee server after restart.

    From my serverlog:

    From the off-site bungee
  3. Thank you - I have seen that video now. But no, sorry - this isn't at all what I want to do.

    I should explain better.

    I don't have a hub server. I am running bungeecord.jar from an external server (online host Fragnet).
    My setup on the config is as follows:

    When people join, the logon to mc.servername.no which sends them directly to the bungee in Sweden. IP starts with 46 - the bungee then sends them directly to our survival server in Norway, which IP starts with 81. Now they are online, and it this server I want the players to vote from.

    This video shows someone having a bungeecord somewhere else, then a HUB, and then every other server connecting to this HUB. I don't have an extra HUB, and certainly no server connecting to it. I don't understand the setup in this video. If I even were to have a hub, I would still only divert traffic from the bungeecord to this HUB, and then set up portals on this HUB to the other servers.

    They wouldn't be connected to this HUB, it would still be the bungeecord that controlled the traffic.

    This guy also says the port "has to be 8192" - the others can be anything. I assume that is just one he chose? I cannot use that port through fragnet, they have a system with their ports, and I have to use that system. In my case Id have to use a very different port.
  4. @dincraft OK. You don't need a hub for a network. With your network players must join a server first before they can join another one. So that server is, if you think about it, acting as a 'hub'. If you make it so that, that server handles the votes and follow that tutorial it should work. Also it shouldn't really matter what port you use as long as it can listen for other ports.