Solved Bungee causing Block lag

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  1. Recently my server switched to BungeeCord, and since there has been an insane amount of blocklag, chatlag, etc when the server reaches 70 online or more.

    We have a decent dedicated machine, and all of the servers are on this machine. Running localhost.
    The server's tps is fine as well, and nothing wrong on timing reports.

    Any clue what this could be due to?
  2. There is no blocklag. You either have ticklag (/tps below 20 (though 19 is still ok)) or network lag (not enough bandwidth, high ping, bad wifi). If all servers in your network lag when one is full, you have network lag or a bad host - upgrade one and compare the differences

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  3. Where is your bungee proxy / other servers located?
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    BungeeCord isn't causing any block lag.
    To help you we need more info about your spigot servers. (timings/plugins/configs)