Bungee - Proxy Bungee Chat 2.1.6

A new way to send private, global or help messages and to do much more with chatting network wide!

  1. I will try :)
  2. I like ignore the chat format and use mys prefix of essentials or PEX.
    where has you been removed the &7?
    I am having this error in bungee :(
  3. seems a issue with prefix from luckyperms
  4. Is it possible to take a group general permission to talke?
  5. enterih


    I have a problem. Sometimes when i change the rank from a player with bungeeperms, that will not change in the playerdata in Bungeechat. I can't change it. I delete it and Bungeechat create the playerdata wrong again. I try it a the text time with a restart. I tell you later again
  6. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    It seems one of the more recent updates made it so the SocialSpy aspect of the plugin no longer tracks players using '/r' to reply to messages. My configs are all setup normally, and it shows when '/msg' etc are used, but it doesn't display anything that is said with '/r'... Just wanted to report it as a possible bug, in case anyone else is having the same issue. Thanks for the awesome resource!
  7. I don´t like format the normal chat :(
    i prefer get the config of PEX or Essentials, is that possible?
  8. I will fix the problem with LuckPerms as soon as possible.

    I am working on a custom RedisBridge within the plugin so you do not need 3th party plugins like RedisBungee anymore.

    BungeeChat does not remove ranks or set prefixes/suffixes for other plugins. So I don't know what problem that is 0.o

    There is no muteall or setprefix command in version 1.3.3. Also prefixes of PEX aren't supported yet but they will come with the RedisUpdate.
    Aliases should work fine.. Could you send your config via PM?

    You got this error because FALSE isn't a Permission Plugin, use NONE if you want to disable External prefixes and suffixes.

    I will have a look at this.

    Will fix this as soon as possible.

    Just disable the localchat feature in the config than :).
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  9. how i can make diferents groups of local chat? like member, vip, mod, admin and when they write apears on the screem.
    similiar to essentials chat and permissionEx
  10. @shawn_ian I cant find it so i ask... Is there an option to force Localchat?
  11. enterih


    Update: It's a mistake from me. I had not read the chances at the last update :D I'm sorry to wasted your time :/ It's fixed^^

  12. ok, later i send the config :)
  13. This is really frustrating :-/ In the 1.3 versions, my leave messages from bungee chat will just stop generating. So basically everyone is silently leaving. I changed the player name placeholder for join + leave messages after that to %name% which is a valid placeholder on this page... but in-game it just results in %name% showing.

    So now I changed them both back to the original %sender_name% that was there, even though that doesnt make sense - there is no sender/target player when someone is leaving or joining the server... those should be messaging-relating I would assume.

    Anyway, funky behavior and not sure why.

    I also never see server switch messages although they are enabled.

    This is my config
  14. 你好,非常喜欢你的插件,但是我非常 苦恼对于prefix的事情,我已经各种尝试了几天,对LuckPerms支持不完美,prefix设置有时候会显示,有时候又不能显示。迷茫中。 希望作者帮助到我。
  15. Can you make a friend system in bungeechat?
  16. can you add chat formats just like essentials ?
  17. Is it possible to prevent players from chating by permission?
  18. I have my Bungeecord server hosted by a website and my other servers are hosted from my pc. None of the Bungeechat features work when I connect to the Bungeecord server on the website
  19. @shawn_ian
    Hi :)
    I see someone has brought up the /r spy issue, so i wont go into that.
    But I do have another issue, was the tab completion feature removed? or changed?
    I cant see to use it :c