Bungee - Proxy Bungee Chat 2.1.6

A new way to send private, global or help messages and to do much more with chatting network wide!

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    Version 2.1.5

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  2. Can you add PermissionsEx Prefix support?
  3. No, as PEX isn't on the bungee. I can recommend LuckPerms
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  4. @shawn_ian
    1) Can you add a cooldown for chat and server commands like this:
    Code (Text):
        delay: 5
        delay: 10
        delay: 4
        delay: 5
        delay: 5
        delay: 5
        delay: 5
        delay: 3
        delay: 3
        delay: 4
        delay: 5
        delay: 5
    2) Range mode, because on my server with 300+ players in one world, impossible use a chat without a radius. Player writes to the chat - it is written to everyone within a radius of 70 blocks, player writes "!hello" and whole current server sees it.
    Code (Text):
       Ranged-mode: true
       Chat-range: 70
      local-message-format: '&eⓁ &l%prefix %player&4: &e%message'
      global-message-format: '&aⒼ &l%prefix %player&4: &a%message'
       - survival
       - skyblock
    3) Disable BungeeChat for server
    Code (Text):
       - skywars
       - bedwars
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  5. enterih


  6. @enterih Next release will fix it.

    @Dard 1) and 2) sound like good ideas. We will consider them
    3) You can already do that. Using the serverList iotion for globalChat. The same feature is planned for 2.2.0
  7. Hello

    Sorry for my english but i would submit an improvement

    Would it be possible to predict the possibility of using different syntaxes depending on the server?

    A pvp server will use a faction prefix while another server will not use it?

    Thank you
  8. smmmadden


    Great idea for a plugin on bungee servers! I've add this to my spreadsheet below.
  9. @Maxime_74 there is no point in doing that since you can customize the format yourself.
  10. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Hey, awesome job with the 2.0 update and beyond! I recently updated my servers to 1.12 and also updated to BungeeChat 2.1.6 and my only issue is nobody can see their /msg's in chat. They show up in the logs and on the server console, but nothing shows up in chat... Any idea what causes that? Never had that issue before with global messaging, so it's odd.

    EDIT: Nevermind! I figured out what happened, I copied over my msg formats, and didn't see the messageSender and messageTarget lines had changes slightly. All good now :)

    Also, is it possible to make it so players who are bVanished do not trigger join/leave/switch messages? We disabled those messages for now, as staff would want to swap servers and not let everyone know lol.
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  11. When I toggle global chat via /g it writes locally on spigot and in the global chat? What can be the cause of this? haha

    Edit: Fixed when I set "passToClientServer:" to false
  12. Since we just finished implementing the new message translation system we would apprechiate it if some people could help out translating the messages. We already have translations for en_US, de_DE and nl_NL. If you want to create any other translation contact us please.

    Thank you.
  13. ru_RU
  14. It possible to make fr_FR ?
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  15. In my opinion this is the best chat plugin for BungeeCord, BUT I have yet to find a nickname plugin that works the way I want it to. Can you please add a nickname feature? With permissions for color and format. Please!!!
  16. Thank you for the update.

    I have been using Bungee Display Name but there just isn't enough features for it to be usable. The permissions are broken and you can't disable spaces and colors in nicknames, plus the /whois command doesnt work with colored nicknames. Just too many bugs.