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  1. So I recently set up a bungee cord network with a few of my servers and I thought it would be best to have global ranks for the whole network but my issue is will I need to give them the exact same perms for every server using pex, and if so how can I use something like MinecraftMarket (free version of buycraft) to automatically give the rank?

    Basically I'm asking is there a way to have a donor package system over a entire bungee network?
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    You could do this by storing the permissions in a MySQL database.
  3. [necropost alert] I am using zpermissions (with mysql) and I migrated from Pex. I find zperms a bit of a challenge to get my head around, I used to be able to change a perm in the file, now I have to remember in game commands (happy to be corrected if there are other ways). zPerms works, though there seems to be a bit of lag in permissions kicking in and rank changes.
  4. LOVE zPermissions. Very easy to work with IMHO. I use the built in custom permission notes in the permissions.yml the bukkit.yml points to.
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  5. PermissionsEx has MySQL support.

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  6. Do you have a multiple server Bungee setup? Do your permissions lag? By that I mean when someone gets a rank does it take ages to filter through to each world? If not, is there anything specific you did to make sure perms were instant across the server?