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  1. That is not the bungeecord config, that is a spigot.yml file
  2. DO NOT DO THIS. It will allow cracked minecrafts to join your server with any name. Wow. I thought people were smarter than this...
  3. I am, and i know. But only the bungeecord, if you have online_mode to false in the lobby, they will not be able to join. I thought you were smart. But nahh
  4. Um... No dude, you're weong. I've worked with many buneecords in the past, and this is how you have to do it:

    1. Bungeecord, online mode
    2. Spigot Servers, offline mode
    3 Install ipwhitelist on all spigot servers and only allow players to join through the bungee

    ALSO, please do not offend other players if you are unsure about your statements. What you said was entirely false and it's not even possible. When connect to a bungeecord instance your spigot servers MUST be in offline mode or else it will not work.

    And you do not seem to know what offline and online mode means, so let me ewplain: online_mode false will allow cracked accounts. Online_mode true will only allow verified minecraft accounts
  5. Dude, do not give false information

    @monty12321 he is giving you false information :O

    Set ip_forward to true in your bungeecord,
    Set your spigot servers:
    - Bungeecord to true in spigot.yml
    - online_mode to false in your server.properties

    No plugins needed and its fixed.
  6. That's what I said. Really, you're offending someone for helping, while you were providing false information. Read your and my posts again please :)
  7. Installing that plugin protects the server more as it will block any IP other than the bungeecord IP, which only allows players to join through your proxy in online mode. Litterally, it does magic ;)

    So you don't have to say I'm providing false information when I'm correct ;)
  8. You don't need that plugin, so just don't install it. its your own choice to install it.

    But you don't need it.
  9. What I said still was not false, lol xD
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    Please do not give wrong/dangerous information
    You don't need it when you run your spigot server on or used iptables to close the port. In any other case you will definitely need IPWhitelist.
    Otherwise everybody can grief your server easily.
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  11. Lol its not false information, its true.
    I use a 24/7 server so i need it and i fixed it. nobody can join without port forwarding. I gonna report you for removing replies without an good reason.
  12. Lol. He's a mod. And he had a good reason.
  13. And? That doesnt means he dont have to follow the rules, we need to follow the rules, so he need to follow the rules too. He cant remove every thread if he thinks its "false" and you need to read the rules good.