Bungee Cord "Kicked While Connecting To Lobby:You Are Already Connected To This Server" HELP

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Fireman, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. When I join the lobby from bungee cord it says a message "Kicked While Connecting To Lobby:You Are Already Connected To This Server" and I don't know what is causing the problem to this because I have triple checked everything in the configs and bukkit.yml and servers.
    So Please Someone HELP ME!
  2. kill_da_trolls


    Most likely your lobby server is lagging badly, leading your lobby server to believe you are still online. Try restarting your lobby server.
  3. i did tons of times about 30 times or more
  4. kill_da_trolls


    Have you tried connecting to the lobby server with its backend IP?
  5. backend ip?..
  6. Its real IP
  7. like computer IP or my IP?
  8. kill_da_trolls


    I don't see how you're running BungeeCord if you don't know what a server's backend IP is.
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  9. first time using bungee cord i have a bukkit server though
  10. could u explain to me what the backend ip is?
    (btw i host the server)
  11. kill_da_trolls


    It's the IP/ port that your lobby server is hosting off of.
  12. i did that then. but it only says that I connected to the server while connecting to it because i was already joined and my friend tried it and got the same thing
  13. Can anybody help me?....
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    Do you have a Skype?
  16. Do you have other servers other than your Bungee instance? You need 1 for bungee, then lobby is a separate server.
  17. wow calm down:p
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  19. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Copy/paste your BungeeCord's config.yml to www.pastebin.com and give us the link so we can see what your setup is. It sounds like an improper configuration of your BungeeCord and/or servers and the IP your lobby is trying to point you to is the IP/port you are already connected to.

    Give us that info and we can find the problem :)
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