Bungee cord need help plz

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  1. Im making a server and I got bungee cord Don't tell me to search online as I did and it came up with tutorials on previous versions which didn't help.

    What does the listening mean it started on the port 25567 and I changed it onto 25565 and I thought that it was checking for servers on 25565 so I open all the servers for 25565,66 and 67 but the bungeecord one just stayed on 25565.


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  2. Well, if you know how you have to setup the config then basicly
    Have your BungeeCord server running and all other server 1 port above,e.x: Survival etc...
    then if you want to connect you have to join the BungeeCord's ip because that will forward you to the Priority HUB(if you understand the config)
  3. As @PeterXonwiiXx said, use port instead of Every server and BungeeCord has a port. To make it easier on your players, set your BungeeCord port to 25565, and servers to something else, (e.g. 25566, 25567). When you get the listening message, that means that BungeeCord has started up.
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