Bungee Cord Round My Neck !!!

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  1. I posted some of this on a dead thread yesterday, so sorry for repeating myself but this is driving me mad !!!

    Here goes;

    I have a proxy and five other servers, all are running the latest versions of everything on a hosted service (Nitrous Networks)

    Here is my problem, even though it's not a problem now but the solution for me at least makes no sense.

    So I set bungee up as normal, spigot.yml set to bungee=true, configured bungee with IP's and ports, set the spigot servers to offline,yada yada yada, everything works, cool, can't have people making direct connections to the offline servers so added IPWhitelist, sorted but when I try to connect directly I get the IP forwarding message from bungee, IP forwarding is turned on in the proxy but I believe this also means that the external connection actually made it to the target server, which it shouldn't have, this is bad, however one of the servers was picking up the external connection kicking IPWhitelist into action, what was different about that server ? I had forgotten to change Bungee=true in the spigot config.

    Now for the weirdness, even after stopping and starting everything, that server is still running on the bungee network, also that server is also the only one that is picking up the proxy MOTD, all the others are picking up the hub server MOTD, so for now I have set bungee=false on all the servers and I am still able to jump from server to sever via the proxy commands, so /server hub takes me to the hub, /server main takes me to the main server and so on, I am not expert but how can this be, the servers are all acting as if they are on a bungee network yet the only way I can stop direct connections getting through to the offline servers is to set bungee to false in spigot, yet it all still works.

    Most confused am I, or I know a crap load less about bungee than I thought, which is very possible.

    Is this a problem or have I got bungee cord round my neck ?
  2. I might be wrong but enabling "Bungee=true" in a server makes it so UUID's don't screw up. This doesn't mean it won't let you connect, highly advisable to have it as true ofcourse because it might screw you over later on.

    If you want to disable in Bungee you have to remove it from the Bungee config and put the server in online mode for safety.
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  3. I do want to run Bungee, that is what I am trying to do, but with Bungee set to true I can't get IPWhitelist to intercept direct connections to the spigot servers, I keep getting the default message from spigot about enabling IP forwarding, even though IP is already enabled.

    What I have previously done is set everything up, then add IPWhitelist to each spigot server, adding the proxy IP to the config file on each offline spigot server, then I test that IPWhitlist is catching the direct connections and giving the please connect via the proxy message, only this time IPWhitelist only seems to catch the direct connections if I set Bungee to false on the spigot servers, which obviously I do not want, the Bungee network seem to be running fine, I hadn't thought about about UUID's', I would guess with Bungee set to false the spigot servers will be creating there own UUID's for each player, rather than having them passed to them from the the proxy.

    So what am I doing wrong wrong, I have got this to work before, but I have been over everything 1000 times and still can't figure it out, it has to be something simple, I know at one point bungee used to override the IPWhitelist message but thought that had been fixed.

    I haven't set the server names in the server properties files to the same names as the ones in bungee config file, will try that tonight, anyone else got an top tips ?