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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by bm11111, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Unless you're throwing it in a datacenter it isn't worthwhile building your own server.

    And we need details, aimed player caps, plugins, world counts, est chunks loaded if minigames, etc.
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  2. I already have a server with Multiverse-Core but I think bungee will be better. There will be 8 servers besides bungee cord and lobby. That will be: Factions, Towny, Clans, Basic Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Adventure and Minigames. Minigames includes Infected, Spleef, CTF, Paintball, SG, HG, Hide & Seek and Splegg.
  3. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    We need numbers, 5 or 500 people?

    1 minigame per type or 15?

    On one world or all spread out?

    Without details we'd be misinforming you.
  4. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Not worth building a server unless you plan to stick it in a data center, doesn't matter how awesome the specs will be it needs something better than home internet.

    For that price you can either get...

    E3 1245v2 = 14 months
    i5 = 25 months

    Plus what ever else you get in donations from that time frame.
  5. Affixes


    Like many others have said. Throw it in a datacenter, otherwise you could always use it yourself.

    Though I'm not sure why you would want such a graphics card if use as a server...
  6. bm11111 - There was a dedicated server host that let you lease to own (I'm sure there are others) that I stumbled across on webhostingtalk. Owning the hardware might be a good idea if you live near a coolocation center and the prices make sense, but you assume depreciation costs as well as any unforeseen hardware failures.

    I know Kainzo owns his dedicated server(s) and had discussed it on here, so maybe he can share why it made sense for him. However, other than the fun of putting one of these together, I'd have to say its probably not a good idea.

    That said, I didn't know that PCPartPicker website existed, so that's fun.
  7. I'm not looking for a dedicated server. I have business internet at my house. I will be switching over once I get donations.
    Only one minigame per type and all in one world. I'm thinking about 120 slots.
  8. joehot200


    1GB at max then. My bungee runs on 200MB (i think) with a max of 80 players - its fine :).
  9. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    It is not in his basement, the server is in a datacenter where it belongs. ;)

    256mb is all you will ever need for bungeecord unless you suddenly are in the 1k+ range.
    Filling up 120 players will not happen over night, I understand getting a server if you have a player base established and just want to have it for the sake of doing so.

    Get a small $20 a month server, fill it up to at least 25+ online players daily and move on from there.
    If this is just an excuse to get a new computer then by all means have fun.
  10. I have a playerbase from my current 20$ a month server. (I'm not even joking) Bungee won't take up much RAM, but won't all the servers that are connected?
  11. I am getting the graphics for gaming, I don't want to get a PS4.
  12. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    How much players do you have online right this moment?
    Cause you want to open a ton of servers, which I know will fail quickly.

    With 250 players online I had to close 2 servers down just so they would spread evenly since I had 8 servers.
    Now i am down to 6 servers and when the time comes (300-400) I may open another minigame server if I find one I really enjoy.
  13. I have 4 on right now.
  14. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Sorry I don't see a point in the setup you are doing other than for personal gaming.
    Maybe others can shed some light on the subject.

    Good luck. :)
  15. Honestly,
    you need a lot of capital to "buy" the hardware - see how the server goes and then move to owning the hardware if you think you need it.

    I would 100% avoid managing the server 'in-house' - I've done it, on business internet - its just a big headache and I gladly pay someone $50-250 a month to take care of it for me.
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  16. Do you use shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers? I use shared hosting and it sucks. VPS and Dedicated servers look nice to me.
  17. Alright, thanks.
  18. I own the physical hardware of my machines.
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  19. Affixes


    So you want the 24/7 dedi to hold a certain amount of players and still play hardcore games on the same machine? Sounds like a bad idea to me...

    So you have 6 different dedicated machines, or just one with all the servers on it? I'm a bit confused :S