Bungee cord vanish plugin needed

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  1. Hello i'm in need of a vanish plugin that works across my bugee cord network with tiers of permissions so helpers cant see mods mods cant see admins ect is there a plugin that can do this
  2. PremiumVanish
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  3. Is there a plugin that goes in the bungee cord plugin folder instead of the spigot servers
  4. Of vanish plugins with bungeecord support I know only the one I'm sorry
  5. ok do you know of a tutorial on how to set it up
  6. Directly from the PremiumVanish website:

    1. Install PremiumVanish
    Compatibility Notes:
    • A server running Spigot 1.8.8/1.9.X/1.10.X/1.11.X/1.12.X/1.13.X/1.14.X/1.15.X is a requirement
    • A version of ProtocolLib which supports your current server version is required
    • Java 8 or higher is required
    • The AutoVanishOnJoin feature doesn't work if you use GroupManager for permissions
    • PremiumVanish is meant to be a replacement for SuperVanish so you cannot have both installed on the same server
    Installing PremiumVanish is really simple.
    1. Install a version of ProtocolLib which supports your current server version (see here)
    2. Drag & drop PremiumVanish.jar into your plugins folder
    3. Load PremiumVanish (Restart server or use a plugin manager)
    4. Adjust the config files
    5. Adjust your permissions (Use /pv help for a list of permissions)
    6. Reload it (/pv reload)
    7. Optional: Enable bungeecord/database support (see below)
    2. Setup Database support
    Enabling database support requires a MySQL-Database. (Other SQL-based databases can work as well if you specify a direct URI, however only MySQL is officially supported and guaranteed to work)
    This is also possible without using Bungeecord, simply skip the Bungeecord steps if you don't use it.
    Note: If you use BungeeCord this is only possible if ip-forwarding is turned on and 'bungeecord' is set to true in spigot.yml.
    1. Install PremiumVanish on the actual bukkit servers (see above)
    2. Adjust the bungeecord settings in PremiumVanish's config.yml file (don't forget to set Enable to true; don't reload it yet)
    3. Drag & drop PremiumVanish.jar into the plugins folder of your bungeecord (Yes, it's the same .jar)
    4. Stop and start your bungeecord server
    5. Adjust the settings of PremiumVanish's configuration.yml file on your bungeecord server
    6. Check all the settings, make sure they're correct
    7. Stop your bungeecord server
    8. Reload PremiumVanish on your bukkit servers
    9. Start your bungeecord server
    If you manage to do it correctly everything is gonna work, if not you will be spammed with warnings.
    If it's not working, please read what the warnings say and try to fix the problems yourself. Common issues are firewalled databases/servers, ip-forwarding not being enabled on both your bukkit servers and on the bungeecord or not using the same database for everything PV-related. If you can't seem to fix it, please send me a pm containing all the PV-related errors/warnings in your consoles / log files, the output of /pv printstacktrace and a screenshot of premiumvanish's database table in e.g. a phpmyadmin interface (if it exists).
    3. Report an issue
    Did something not work? First of all check this:
    1. Look at the error, some errors tell you how to fix them
    2. Make sure that you're using the latest version of PremiumVanish
    3. Please make sure that your version of ProtocolLib supports your server version (instructions are on ProtocolLib's resource page)
    4. Restart your server and see if that fixes the issue
    5. Make sure that your config is up-to-date (/pv rccfg)
    Still not working?
    If you manage to find an issue, please send me a private message with the following details:
    1. If the issue is an error, please use pastebin.com to include the full error in your private message (If you are using Multicraft please copy and paste the error out of your server log file in case the error is incomplete)
    2. If the issue is not an error, please use /pv stacktrace and include the console output in your private message using pastebin.com
    3. Make sure you didn't miss step 1 or 2
    4. Please include an exact and really detailed explanation of what happened and what you expected to happen
    5. Does it work if you remove all plugins except ProtocolLib and PremiumVanish? If so, please remove the other plugins one by one on a test server to see which one causes the problem and provide its name and version. (I know that's a lot of work but it would be even more work for me and I have to provide support for other people too)
    6. Send me a pm with a reasonable title