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  1. Some one tryed hacking me so i have to remove this
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  2. Are you connecting to the server using the port 27116?

    this is wrong:
    Code (Text):

        Play.OriginalPvP.com:27116: lobby
    it has to be:
    Code (Text):

        Play.OriginalPvP.com: lobby
    Please also look into the console if there are errors (bungee & spigot)

    And the error from the minecraft client if you still can't connect.

    And in the bungee config in the motd you should not use \u00a7&, instead just use ยง or \u00a7 (without following &!).
  3. Do You Know That You Need Multiple Servers To Use BungeeCord? So If You want Hub and OpPvP You need 3 servers 1 for the Bungee 1 For Lobby and 1 for OpPvP?
  4. host:

    The Ip Must be The Server You Are Running BungeeCord on
  5. And Also Remove BungeeCord On The Other Servers As Its Hard To Make It Not Say Enable BungeeForwarding On The BungeeConfig
  6. I dont get what you mean?
  8. I have done that but i try and join [Play.OriginalPvP.com:27116] But i am getting this error "If you wish to use IP forwarding, Please enable it in your config as well" I will try and join my oppvp It says the same and ill try and join the server that holds the bungee cord.jar and it says i am not whitelisted when there is no whitelist.
  9. So you want me to remove the bungeecord: true in spigot.jar ?
  10. Make Ture To False
  11. Thats Why You Can't Join
  12. On Lobby and OpPvP?
  13. Both
  14. No don't put bungeecord to false in hub and oppvp.

    Just put ip-forwarding: true in your bungee's config yml
  15. Thats What i Just Said
  16. Requesting Thread Lock Problem Solved Another Person Tried To Hack The Owner.
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