Bungee doesn't do anything after certain point and isn't online.

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  1. Note: Before answering most of your common questions most likely be answered in this first post.

    I'm trying to connect my bungee to one of 3 or my servers (other 2 are currently off line) I'm sure I have the config file for bungee setup right. I will post the log in a spoiler. After a certain point it just don't say or do anything else in the console.

    16.06 01:15:12 [Multicraft] Received start command 16.06 01:15:13 [Multicraft] Loading server properties 16.06 01:15:13 [Multicraft] Starting server! 16.06 01:15:13 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Mod: BungeeCord" 16.06 01:15:13 [Server] INFO Using OpenSSL based native cipher. 16.06 01:15:13 [Server] INFO Using native code compressor 16.06 01:15:13 [Server] INFO Enabled BungeeCord version git:BungeeCord-Bootstrap:1.10-SNAPSHOT:97eef62:1159 16.06 01:15:13 [Server] INFO Not on Windows, attempting to use enhanced EpollEventLoop 16.06 01:15:13 [Server] INFO Epoll is working, utilising it! 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_alert, file=modules/cmd_alert.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_find, file=modules/cmd_find.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_list, file=modules/cmd_list.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_send, file=modules/cmd_send.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_server, file=modules/cmd_server.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=reconnect_yaml, file=modules/reconnect_yaml.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource()) 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Loaded plugin cmd_alert version git:cmd_alert:1.10-SNAPSHOT:97eef62:1159 by SpigotMC 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Loaded plugin cmd_find version git:cmd_find:1.10-SNAPSHOT:97eef62:1159 by SpigotMC 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Loaded plugin reconnect_yaml version git:reconnect_yaml:1.10-SNAPSHOT:97eef62:1159 by SpigotMC 16.06 01:15:14 [Server] INFO Loaded plugin cmd_server version git:cmd_server:1.10-SNAPSHOT:97eef62:1159 by SpigotMC

    Common questions Answered:

    Q: Did you port forward/ hosting from home?
    A: no I'm using a host to host my server(s)

    Q: Is everything set to offlinemode?
    A: Yes

    Someone on IRC told me I needed to upgrade my bungeecord (which I did) but still having this issue. My other server(s) is running on Spigot 1.8.8. I will include the Config setup in a spoiler.

    ip_forward: true
    network_compression_threshold: 256
    stats: a2ca27de-c976-4a36-9e52-a727e5ac7e9b
    - admin
    address: [Lobby Ip]:25610
    restricted: false
    motd: '&1Just another BungeeCord - Forced Host'
    timeout: 30000
    player_limit: -1
    - max_players: 1
    - lobby
    host: [Bungee IP]:25596
    tab_size: 60
    force_default_server: false
    bind_local_address: true
    ping_passthrough: false
    tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
    motd: '&1Another Bungee server'
    query_enabled: true
    query_port: 25577
    pvp.md-5.net: pvp
    - bungeecord.command.server
    - bungeecord.command.list
    - bungeecord.command.alert
    - bungeecord.command.end
    - bungeecord.command.ip
    - bungeecord.command.reload
    online_mode: false
    log_commands: false
    - disabledcommandhere
    connection_throttle: 4000

    Anyone have any ideas on whats causing this issue? the bungeeserver is 2gb while the "lobby" server is only 512mb atm (other 2 servers are 2GB servers)

    Also While I'm talking about ^ (that) me and my Dev been disputing over using the 512mb server for the bungee hub instead of as the lobby. (I think it be fine to use the 512mb server for bungee and just use the 2gb we was going to use as bungee as the lobby instead, but he thinks it could cause issues and thinks we should use the 512mb as lobby and one of the three 2gb servers for bungee)

    What do you think we should use for the bungee server is it fine to use the 512mb as bungee server to connect to three 2gb servers or use a 2gb server as bungee to connect to one 512mb server (For lobby) and two 2gb servers.
  2. Are you actually typing your server's IP, or are you using
  3. I'm using the server's Ip
  4. Try with
  5. KK, Without a port or with a port?
  6. With the port you want bungeecord to run on. Default is 25570, Minecraft clients connect to 25565 by default
  7. 512mb on a bungeecord instance should be fine to handle 500 players. For spigot servers you need 1gb/10-20players ;)
  8. Nope same issue :/
  9. Check firewalls ect. Also is the server responsive, can you type "alert penis" and it alert it?
  10. I did alert test and nothing happen didn't even show up on console..
  11. Then bungeecord isn't launching properly
  12. Yea, and no clue why.. We are talking about trying to use the 512mb server instead.
  13. You should properly give us some info about how you're starting it, your hosting solution, bungeecord version etc.
  14. I'm hitting "start" on the console to start the server. we are using aknode.com that host the 3 2gb servers and Online Game Host (OGH) that hosts our 512mb server (IT was our very first server) I'm running the latest build of bungeecord (As of like 2am central time this morning). Non- of our servers have a dedicated ip.
  15. Try deleting the config and starting over again, maybe that could help
  16. That kind of worked it fixed the issue but it saids "Startup Listening on /" but when I try check on minecraft it dosn't show it's online but it shows it's online on the console.
  17. It doesn't show if you ping [Bungee-IP]:[PORT]?
  18. It shows the server it's offline on MC server list even though on multicraft it saids it's online

    Btw thanks so far for the help guys.
  19. What's the IP?
  20. 198.127.81:25610