Bungee Freeze PLugin????

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  1. I Was just wondering if there was a bungeecord plugin that would freeze players. Like a ss plugin but for bungee cord.I have tried a lot of plugins but they won't work with bungeecord so if you guys could help that would be great. Thank You
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  2. Honestly, I don't believe this is possible for bungeecord anyways, If you wanted to freeze players across a network you could try to use MySQL and the freeze plugin could detect it via MySQL and freeze all players, But what would be the point in that?
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  3. i just wanted to do it because i have a bungee banning sytem and the autoban will get messed up if the console bans trough the server instead of the bungee.
  4. You can't run bungee commands as console, And you cant force a player to run a bungee command. You would need a Spigot banning plugin, Plus using banning system's through bungeecord is asking for a mess, I would recommend using a MySQL database and running all of your servers on the Spigot version of your ban plugin, Then it will be able to run through console / player. I know ParaPvP uses a modified version of Ban Manager (I think) and it works fine since it has 'banall' and 'ban' banall bans the player from all of the connected servers via MySQL.
  5. I run bungee commands through the bungee console all the time man.
  6. If you have issues running ban commands or autoban commands from a server on the proxy then why not get it fixed? Bungeecord freezing would be semi-complex and there could be only 1-2 ways to do it.