Bungee Groups Plugin & Bungee Status Plugin

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  1. Bungee Groups:

    I have a network and i hate always having to restart my bungee because i changed someones bungee cord group. Since most of my punishment plugins are in bungee cord. So when i accept new staff i need there permissions to update without having to restart every time. I need a plugin that i can manage bungee cord groups from ingame.


    /group set <name> <rank> {Will move the person into there rank}
    /group list {Will list all the people in there groups}

    Bungee Status:

    I have seen other people wanting this plugin. It announces to the staff (People who have the perm) When the servers in the network go online offline. This will help ensure that all the servers are running good.

    If you are able to create one or both of these plugins please add me on skype @ DfieldJr_RetroMC_21
  2. I'm also looking for the Bungee Groups plugin, although for the Bungee status plugin, you're probably trying to find the one like TheArchon, since your name is DfieldJr, the Bungee Status plugin you're looking for is this plugin, although it doesn't have spacing support like TheArchon, although it still works the same way. You will just need to add the permission "serverchecker.notify".


    Make sure you stop your server before uploading and then start your server to ensure that it doesn't break.

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  3. wow you're so nice :) this thread is like a year old fam
  4. Yeah! No problem, I didn't realize it was 1 year old :p

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