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  1. Can Citizen2 work with Bungeecord? You don 't need NPCs in the hub to go to other servers. Citizen doesn't want to work with Bungeecord, and BungeeNPC doesn't support 1.15.2
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?

    I use Citizens in my lobbys without any problem. They are supposed to be used on a per-server basis.
    So why would you need it to be able to be hooked into the bungeecord?

    Context helps solve problems.
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  3. I got it. Can you send your LuckPerms config? I am stupid and I can’t configure... the blocks do not break

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  5. I don't use luck perms. It's outdated and garbage in my opinion. Besides i manage permissions on each server individually using Pex.

    I only have global perms running with bungeeperms just for commands that afte for every server. Like the /lobby command etc.
  6. I had the same opinion, but after messing up with it.. oh gosh I'm not using any other permission plugin... So much features and it is much better than any of the other permission plugins out. Try it out yourself.
  7. I don't need or want more features. I want lightweight that does what i tell it. I've used LuckPerms, hence my opinion.

    Goodluck with your mess.
  8. You can send permissions of default? This does not work. Blocks break but don't fall

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