Bungee online players and mysql bans

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  1. I have 2 problems:
    1: I have a 100 players minecraft server that they connect to the real IP.
    I would use bungee cord to connect my players in the server, but in the ping of the server, I would see the number of the players in the server, not the players connect through the bungee.

    Can you help me? It's very important because i had configured 2 vps using tcptunnel, but tcptunnel, to the real server, send only the proxy ip and not the player's real ip. If I'll fix this problem, I can ban the ip of the players.

    The second problem is: Is there some plugin for bungeecord to ban and ipban based on mysql? Because I have BanManagement, that it's based on mysql
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  2. I tried. But, what?!
  3. Because it there is 100 player with 2 vps bungeecord, the players will see that there is 50 players (players connect through only 1 bungee) , i would see the real number into the server, with and without bungee
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  4. joehot200


    I have got exactly the same thing, i have got 2 bungee instances for the old IP users, it means that most people only think i have about 30 or 40 online, wheras in fact i often get up to 60 or 80.

    Would need a bungee plugin.
  5. Which plugin you suggest me?
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  6. joehot200


    There is no public plugins out, however i know Malo has 3 bungee instances and has a custom one, and i also know that for the right price roblabla would probably be willing to make you one.
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  7. I've seen that also others server have this problem with bungee cord

    And about mysql ban can you help me?
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  8. joehot200


    No, i cant, but i think if you turn off bungeecord server-saving, ban them on the default server and then they cant connect.
  9. The problem is that all the players, now have the proxy's ip through tcptunnel, using bungeecord, i would ban for ip some players and add a blacklist of proxy ips. The server in this condition is very vulnerable by bot attack
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  10. joehot200


    Why? Just get an anti-spambot plugin and all your worries are gone :).
  11. Doesn't work because:

    players <--------> vps <------------->minecraft server (received vps IP)
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  12. joehot200


    But the bots would still be kicked/banned by name, even if it wasnt by IP.

    However, i have the same problem :(
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  13. By name it's impossible, my idea is to blacklist all the proxy IPs in the bungeecord using mysql, and this don't affect to the main server performance, If I'll find any solution I'll sent you a PM.
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  14. Creeper96 two things.
    1) If you use spigot and you configure bungee-proxies, then spigot will spoof the player's IP to be their real IP (instead of the bungeecord's)
    2) You can use BungeeBan or BungeeSuiteBans. I could make a way to import BanManagement bans into BungeeBan.
  15. joehot200


    Hang on, u wot? How do i do that?
  16. Look at your spigot bukkit.yml. make the IP under bungee-proxies be bungeecord's.
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  17. How Can I do this?
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  18. I'll have 2 istances of BungeeCord in 2 different vps, it's possible in all the 2 vps
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  19. You can set multiple bungee IPS. Its a list.
  20. joehot200


    Yes, i have 2 bungee proxies, one on the ip, and the other on endcraft.net, or (localhost)

    All i did was add this:


    Not tested it yet, but that should work.