Bungee + Pex problem!

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  1. I'm having a slight issue pulling information to the database with pex and bungee.
    Basically i setup pex to update information to the database so other servers could read it too which allows ranks to be global. Information is 100% being put into the DB but not been took back my other servers. (Here is config for all servers)
    Link : http://pastebin.com/fRQDmAcL
  2. You might want to censor your password, also it is not recommended to use root since root has all privileges by default.

    However what makes you think that the data is not taken back to the other servers? Did you try "/pex groups" (if correct, that should return all your groups and should output the same groups on each and every server of yours)
  3. rllly dude?
    he is using localhost so that makes no sense about that!
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  4. So what? I'm also using localhost when possible, but that doesn't mean the database is only accessible from localhost.