Premium | Bungee | Premium Authenticator | Login only for non-premium | - 25% First week! | [Paid]

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    | Bungee | Premium Authenticator | Login only for non-premium | - 25% First week! | - No more login for minecraft premium accounts users on non-premium servers! MYSQL, UUID, Sessions!

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  2. If you could put a server testing this plugin would be great, your plugin promises to be good
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  3. Wow, please put a test server to try this out, i'm really interested in change the buggy Authme with this one :eek:
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  4. On join to Your network users without premium account must login in (or register) into server Auth (You can change name). Then they will be logged in on every server. On logout, they will have session (only when enabled in config). You can change sessions time in config (default 60 minutes).
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  5. Premium users are logged in automaticly (like on premium servers eg. Mineplex). Everything is in the description :)
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  6. Test server will be my server (not only to test), and when i will open it, i will put IP into desription, so watch the resource :) Happy new year everyone!
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  7. Some Users are asking me for the same things, so i'm pasting anwsers here:

    [Q] Does this allow both premium and non premium players to play on the server?

    [A] Yes, it is. When You have server non-premium users must use /login command (or /register whet joined first time), while premium users can join without any command. Just like on normal premium server eg. Mineplex.

    [Q] Do premium user need to /login?
    [A] As i wrote (up), and into the desription, they don't need to.

    [Q] Do cracked users have a special/illegal character in their name so they don't, take premium usernames? So there can be Notch (premium) and Notch* (cracked).
    [A] Cracked is wrong word, but no, they can't have usernames with special character. Only like in part of code: "[0-9a-z]" with A-Z of course :)

    [Q] Do you need 2 hub servers?
    [A] Fourth, yes You have to, but You can still change name of auth server (from Auth [default] to eg. Hub). Then You don't need to have 2 Hub servers. Auth server is only for registering/logging in :) After login it automaticly move You to Hub server.

    I'm sorry, my mistake. You don't need to have separate Hub server, even You use default configuration. You need Auth server for non-premium players to logging in, but as i wrote up, You can still change name of auth server (from Auth [default] to eg. Hub [or default server in bungeecord config file]). Then non-premium players will loggin in into Hub server (or default server in bungeecord config file) :)
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  8. So basically If i bouguht this, I stil need Authme and this plugin.

    The only difference is premium players not be able to /login and crack players not able to take premium accounts as their name.
  9. Nooo.. You do not understand me. You need only this plugin, because logging in, and registering system is into this plugin. Why do You think like that? I can explain You method of working this plugin, but most important things are into introdution, and features into the description.
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  10. Dissimilar. Mine uses existing plugins like xAuth, Loggit or AuthMe
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  11. You have convinced me to open test server. In ~1h will be ready to join.
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  12. I gotchu you now sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Last question, how would i transfer everyones password to this new plugin
    E.G I use authme and i wanna transfer to this.
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  13. I propably will add support for AuthMe soon. For now, you can only copy data from MYSQL manually, but only, when Your crypt method is SHA-256.
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  14. Hi there! Test server is availeble on:
    Go ahead and check it out!
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  15. Thanks it work
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  16. TitanicFreak


    I'd like to ask what this plugin does for premium users if mojang sessions goes offline.
  17. It does nothing. Everything will work perfectly, because of separate servers, which this plugin alredy using :)
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  18. Can cracked play with premium?
    Also does this add like a prefix to cracked usernames? To tell who is cracked and who is premium?

    Also what happens if a cracked player chooses a premium username?

    What happens when someone buys a cracked persons username. One person loses their ability to join the server. Hence the prefix idea.
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