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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Hichako, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Give me version of bungeecord. Give me list of your plugins (it seems as plugin kicked you) (you can check my plugin without any others plugins). Give me configuration of bungee.yml.
  2. can someone tell me how can find the databasesql?
  3. DatabaseSQL is inside plugin
  4. Which plugin? The BungeeAuthenticator or Auth plugin?
  5. Hey I need help with the plugin I already bought it but it does not go to my server it does not appear to log in besides it says that there is an error when placing / login help me please do not know if it is for MySQL
  6. Can you give me logs and plugin configuration (without server host and password)?
  7. It could add option to block players cracked from changing the letters of the nicks to small / small. Because the players are making some bugs ... kind ... the player enters with the nickname "Lucas16840" so there is some system in the server that allows only some permission / item per UUID, and this player replays with the nick "LuCas16840" with The "C" key to take advantage of bugs ...
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  8. is there any converter from authme database to this plugin?
  9. Which records? tirex
  10. look at above quote
  11. Does it work without a MyQL Database ??
    As a file in the plugins folder with all the passwords ??
  12. 1. Plugin works only with mysql
    2. without passwords
  13. So if I don't have a MySQL Database, it create one or it just doesn't work ??
  14. What to do with the UUID in the BPA table being that I use authme? Because the table is unique and authme does not save uuid. Now I bought a plugins that I can not use? Because cracked users already registered previously would lose their accounts and their achievements
  15. What would be [NON-PREMIUM] [NON-PREMIUM] [PREMIUM] Because I use original account but I need to use password in the same way, how is the configuration? Should the server and bunge be in offline or online mode?
  16. Giving the error "MojangAPI is down" for cracked clients but premium clients goes well :/

    Any way to solve this? Because the plugin config it's untouched for 2 months and only stooped working now

  17. Answer my question, thank you :)
  18. I can set player nickname during connect to server to original nickname.

    Already convert from authme to my plugin is not possible, but i think to solve it.
    If you have some ideas, you should present them.

    Bungeecord must be in offline mode.
    Probably your server is on online mode.
  19. And my question @TiREX ...?