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  1. You should check your bungeecord config.yml.
    Probably online-mode is set to true (should be false).

    If problem still exists, you should send bungeecord and bpa config.yml to my PM.
  2. TiREX updated | Bungee 1.7.x - 1.10 | Premium Authenticator | Login only for non-premium | Extra Price with a new update entry:

    Add two option to prevent change name (or name capitalization)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Could have a kick option in case of non-premium password erring, to avoid hackers, forceop and etc ... sorry for my bad english
  4. Can you help me move from authme to your plugins (wordpress hash)
  5. If premium username login using cracked launcher but the premium is not register to our database is he able to join in non premium or cracked launcher ?
  6. Could have a kick option in case of non-premium password erring, to avoid hackers, forceop and etc ... sorry for my bad english
  7. The plgin doesn't work,on bungeecord doen't work
  8. How do I get skins working o_O
  9. How to prevent non-player to move when not logged in or registered?
  10. Im having issues with Mojang API is shutdown and no one help me....
  11. is there possiblity to display custom message for no premium players who trying join into server?

    becouse right now apperd something like "failed to login invalid session, try run game again"
  12. I think it's not possible, because the server can't make the difference between the premium player or a cracked player.
    But I think, there is an error message in logs, so it's possible to send a custom message the second time the player try to join if it's possible to send it before the "invalid session" message.
  13. Is it possible to integrate it with authme?
  14. @TiREX Help.
    Giving the error, "MojangAPI is down"

    online-mode: false
  15. I know, but, I have online_mode: falseSo, What can I do for fix it?
  16. [​IMG]

    Code (Text):
        hash-algorithm: SHA512
        bcryptlog2round: 10
          id: userID
          uuid: uuid
          nick: nick
          password: password
          premium: premium
          firstip: firstIP
          lastip: lastIP
          firstjoin: firstJoined
          lastjoin: lastJoined
          checked: checked
          registerbyamin: registeredByAdmin
        host: localhost
        port: 3306
        type: default
        base: <USERNAME>
        user: <USER>
        pass: <PASSWORD>
        url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/<USERNAME>
        table: <TABLE>
        enabled: true
        time: 120m
    The NON-PREMIUM users can register with password, but aren't stored in the database.
    Anyway, these users only can access with only their password... so I'm not sure how is this working.

    EDIT: Finally not, after 1 hours users must register again.
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  17. I have to put my online-mode: true or false in the bungeecord?
  18. Bunngecord to false. If you set to true, only premium players can join.
  19. the problem is that my server is online-mode true so if I put it on false, my users will lose their things becouse of the new uuids
  20. No because BPA give premium UUID to premium users. It's one of the advantages of BPA. You can switch online and half-online.