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  1. Hello I have been messing with the spigot servers and I am wondering what bungee-proxies: is and what does it do. I know and deals with bungee cord but can someone enplane in detail on how it works and give a example on how it works.
  2. It is a List of IP's that could be incoming from BungeeCord, if a players IP matches it, it will then request the player's IP from the proxy, then the player will have that IP in game instead of the Proxy's IP.
  3. It so that plugins never actually see the BungeeCord IP and allow the player's real IP to pass-through.
    Next time, I suggest you check out the wiki. There's a configuration guide that explains everything. :)
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  4. :|
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  5. What?

    It's not like it isn't in the documentation, it's not like the documentation is very hard to find either.

    Not sure about you but the past week has seen an influx of people asking some really dumb questions and expecting their hands held at every step; I don't think anyone's here for that.
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