Solved Bungee remembers my last server

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  1. I need some help im kind off new to bungee so plz dont make a fool of me :), I want my server to NOT remember my last active server so whe ni log on server i allways end up at a certain server, rn i end up on the server i last visited the next time i join. Is there any plugin or config option to disable this?
  2. Just use force-host
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  3. Incorrect. Forced hosts are for something else.

    Make sure you have this in config.yml of your bungeecord:

    - your_lobby_name


    force_default_server: true
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  4. I'm sorry I mean force_default_server
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  5. Much better :)
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  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS, im giving you all a thanks, this works exactly like i wanted <3
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